Thursday, August 30, 2012

FW 14.1a --Shaun/Jaun stops to rest--

14.1a: Jaunty Jaun, as I was shortly before that made aware...
14.1b: (let God's son now be looking down on the poor preambler!)...
14.1c: at the weir by Lazar's Walk (for far and wide, as large as he was lively...
14.1d: He was there, you could planemetrically see, when I took a closer look...
14.1e: amply altered for the brighter, though still the graven image...
14.1f: the way he thought, by the holy januarious, he had a bullock's hoof...
14.1g: propped up, restant, against a butterblond warden of the peace...
14.1h: who, buried upright like the Osbornes, kozydozy...

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FDV: "Shaun, as I next saw, halted to take breath {& loosen his boots}"

synopsis: Jaun rests on the river bank — giving repose to his aching feet

Jaunty Jaun,

jaunty: sprightly, lively (ironic?)

Don Juan

as I was shortly before that made aware,

"I" was Mamalujo's ass in the last chapter

fdv: "as I next saw"

before what? aware of his halting before he halted?

next halted to fetch a breath,


Penguin omits final comma

the first cothurminous leg of his nightstride

cothurnus: thick-soled boot worn anciently by tragic actors; buskin (legs)

conterminous [wkt] ending together?

stride (legs)
cf watches of night?

being pulled through, and to loosen

having been completed (with effort)

phrase pull one's leg: to fool someone (legs)


continues below after parenthesis: "to loosen... both of his bruised brogues"


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