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FW 6.1-4 --a quiz show--

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FDV: "So? How do you no to now, lazy and gentleman? The answer is in the balk of the wodes, callhim forth. (Shaun Maclrevick, briefdragger, of the concern of Jhon Jhamiesen and Song, rated onehundred and thin per storehundred on this nightly quizquiquok of the twelve apostrophes set by Johnn {Jacky} MicEarweak. {He misunderstruck the aim of number three of them}" →
"So? Who do you no to nigh, lazy and gentleman? The echo is where in the back of the wodes, call himforth. (Shaun Maclrevick, briefdragger, for the concern of Jhon Jhamiesen and Song, rated onehundrick and thin per storehundred on this nightly quizquiquok of the twelve apostrophes set by Jocky {Jockit} MicEarweak. He misunderstruck an aim of number three of them and placed his {left} correct replies to four of them in their incorrect order {natural disorder}."

synopsis: introduction to the quiz — set by Shem, answered by Shaun


continuing a line of debate: and so? so what?
is that so? how so? like so?

Who do you no tonigh, lazy and gentleman?

how do you do tonight
what do you know
say 'no' to


ladies and gentlemen
lazy-and-gentle man

The echo is where in the back of the wodes; callhim forth!

fdv: "The answer... balk"

no one answers except an echo
all answers are echoes? plagiarist?

Shaun = echo = answer(er)


backwoods: uncleared forest land
book of the world

wode = madness
Polish woda: water

callhim forth → call himforth → callhim forth

(Shaun Mac Irewick, briefdragger, for the concern of Messrs Jhon Jhamieson and Song,

Shaun is the quiz answerer

briefdrager (Dutch), German Briefträger = postman
brief = short writing [fweet-36]

Penguin dots "Messrs."

John Jameson and Son, Dublin whiskey distillers
why jHon jHamIeson and sonG?

rated one hundrick and thin per storehundred



thin (cf tilly?)

one hundred and ten percent

a score of one hundred and ten is perfect for final examinations in Italian universities, there being eleven examiners (at ten points each)

but if he got one hundred and ten on the twelve questions following at ten points each, that would mean he missed one

Russian sto: hundred
Danish stor: large, great

great hundred, long hundred: 120 (twelfty)

on this nightly quisquiquock of the twelve apostrophes,

Latin qui, quae, quod: who, which
Italian quisquilia: scraps, trifles

three cycles of four questions

Greek apos: quick
Greek apostrophes: aversions
apostrophe: a rhetorical figure of speech in which the speaker digresses in order to pointedly address a present or absent person or personified object

12 apostles

set by Jockit Mic Ereweak.

Shem (riddler)

Mac Irewick/ Mic Ereweak

He misunderstruck an aim for am otto of number three of them

(so is this a prerecorded show???)

misunderstood an M for an L
misunderstood a name for a motto (in question #3)
the letter m looks like the number 3 sideways


question #3 was answered incorrectly

the M

and left his free natural ripostes to four of them

riposte: counter-stroke (fencing)

Mamalujo will answer question #4

Shaun will not reply to four questions: #4 by Mamalujo, #6 by Kate, #10 by Issy, #12 by Shem

in their own fine artful disorder.)

Fine Arts

"artful disorder" Gibbon?


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