Thursday, March 15, 2012

FW 16.1-3a --someone awakens from sleep--

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FDV: "What was thass? Fog {what} wass? Listen, Souly me, deary— Too mult sleepth. Less me sleepl. {And natt by naught by night by naked.}"

synopsis: night by night — while the four in their corners watch over the two sleeping twins, Kevin and Jerry

What was thass? Fog was whaas?

fw1 has "thaas"

What was that? What what was?

Dutch waas: fog

Too mult sleepth. Let sleepth.

too much sleep (too much, or not enough?)
two must sleep
Rumanian mult: Latin multum: much

sleeps (lisp)

fdv: "Less" (too much/less)
let them

But really now whenabouts?

Penguin has "whenabouts."

about what time (is it)?

Expatiate then how much times we live in! Yes?

expatiate: speak or write copiously

what sort of historical era

fw1 has "in."

yes, you will?


So, nat by night by naught by naket

Penguin has "So nat"

Danish nat: night


series of uncapitalised paragraphs:
"So, nat by night by naught by naket...
night by silentsailing night...
nowth upon nacht...
wan fine night and the next fine night and last find night...
each and every juridical sessions night...
niece by nice by neat by natty"

in those good old lousy days gone by

VI.B6.186: "good old lousy days (sulphur waters)"
maybe sulfur as treatment for lice?

'[number] lousy days' 20thC military slang

song The Good Old Days Gone By ♬?

(the days, shall we say?, of whom, shall we say?)

fw1 omits parens, comma after capped "Whom"


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