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FW 10.1-2 --the kids arrive home--

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FDV: [nothing]

"The technique here is a reproduction of a schoolboy's (and schoolgirl's) old classbook complete with marginalia by the twins, who change sides at half time, footnotes by the girl (who doesn't), a Euclid diagram, funny drawings etc. It was like that in Ur of the Chaldees too, I daresay" Joyce to Frank Budgen, July 1939 (Letters, I,406)

synopsis: the route back to the tavern — him and his mausoleum

As we there are where are we are we here haltagain.

[10.1] (right margin notes are aligned to the beginning of paragraphs, in all caps here and in fw1)
(Shaun as speaker has heavier, more academic, tone)

Latin unde et ubi: whence (from where) and where [Aquinas?] [others]
in Aquinas the 'ubi' is italicised and the phrase is translated 'hence, where' (so the 'et' is ignored???)

longshot: Latin Urbi et Orbi: To the City and the World (the pope's address)

we = readers, observing kids?

wha-haw-awh rotation pattern
we there are
where are we
are we here

fw1 had "we there from" instead of "we here haltagain. By recourse, of course, recoursing from"

By recourse, of course, recoursing from Tomtittot to Teetootomtotalitarian.

Viconian 'ricorso'

Tom Tit Tot: a folk tale in which a demon's threat depends on the secrecy of his name (akin to Rumpelstiltskin)

teetotum (originally T. totum): a four-sided disk spun in a game of chance
teetotaller (t-total)

progress of civilisation

Tea tea too oo.

song Tea for Two

00 (toilet sign)

Whomtil comes over. Who to caps ever. [1]

Latin sic: thus

yours till?
why whoM?

come over (children's game again?)

capital letters?

(children return to father's house after II.1)

[1 With his broad and hairy face, to Ireland a disgrace.]

left marginalia by Shem, lighter, more rollicking tone

Penguin has "with" (no cap) and aligns note lower

face, disgrace (cf Hosty's ballad?)

And howelse do we hook our hike to find that pint of porter place?

how else

Why Do I Am Alook

slang hook and eye: arm in arm

hook our hike = turn in our path?

hike up skirts??

pub = pint-of-porter place

Am shot, says the bigguard. {1}


big guard

{1 Rawmeash, quoshe with her girlic teangue. }

curly braces here signify Issy's footnotes

AngloIrish rawmaish: romance or fiction, foolish nonsense, brainless talk (from Irish ráiméis)
Romish (cf fw72: "the rowmish devowtion known as the howly rowsary")

raw meat?
raw me ---?

quoth she

garlic tang? (U53: "Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine.")

Irish teanga: language


{1cont. If old Herod with the Cormwell's eczema was to go for me}


King Herod the Great suffered from a gangrenous skin infection at the time of his death

Mark of Cornwall
Oliver Cromwell

go for = fall for, be attracted by

{1cont. like he does Snuffler whatever about his blue canaries}

does snuffle (why cap?)

cf Nosey Flynn's snuffling in U ch8 and 10

song 'Twas off the blue Canary Isles [lyrics] [map]
bidding farewell to his last cigar!?
"Twas off the blue Canary Isles, a glorious summer day"

{1cont. I'd do nine months for his beaver beard.}

hard labour

get pregnant

fw52: "The first Humphrey's latitudinous baver with puggaree behind"



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