Monday, December 30, 2013

FW 9.1a --pantomime program--

9.1a: Every evening at lighting up o'clock sharp and until further notice...
9.1b: Somndoze massinees. By arraignment, childream's hours, expercatered...
9.1c: With the benediction of the Holy Genesius Archimimus and under...
9.1d: While the Caesar-in-Chief looks. On. Sennet. As played to the Adelphi...
9.1e: And wordloosed over seven seas crowdblast in Celtelleneteutoslavzendlatinsoundscript...

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FDV: [nothing]

"The scheme of the piece I sent you is the game we used to call Angels and Devils or colours. The Angels, girls, are grouped behind the Angel, Shawn, and the Devil has to come over three times and ask for a colour. If the colour he asks for has been chosen by any girl she has to run and he tries to catch her..." [more] letter 22Nov30

synopsis: programme for the upcoming pantomime — the mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies

Every evening at lighting up o'clock sharp

Dublin newspapers used to give lighting-up time for cyclists (ie, time for lighting bicycle lamp; eg 7:32pm for 2Apr04)
U359: "People afraid of the dark. Also glowworms, cyclists: lightingup time."

and until further notice in Feenichts Playhouse.

no fee
Teatro la Fenice: famous opera house in Venice
German nichts: nothing

Teatro la Fenice

Bar and conveniences always open,

HCE's bar

convenience = bathroom

Diddlem Club douncestears.

slang diddlem club: lottery? savings scam [rare]
diddle = fuck [wkt]


(what could this refer to in Earwicker's pub???)

Entrancings: gads, a scrab;

entrance fees

free/shilling (gods, free; the gentry, one shilling)

gad: to wander (hence, wanderers, vagrants)
gods: gallery in theatre

Bearlagair Na Saer: scrab: shilling (a gypsy cant used in Ireland)

the quality, one large shilling.

Anglo-Irish the quality: the gentry

large shilling: brass coin minted in James II's Gunmoney Coinage of 1689-91

Newly billed for each wickeday perfumance.

built (rebuilt weekly???)
theater billing


perfume (whose? Issy's?)


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