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FW 17.5a --greeting the master--

17.5a: Vah! Suvarn Sur! Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky,...
17.5b: We, Durbalanars, theeadjure. A way, the Margan, from our astamite,...
17.5c: Even unto Heliotropolis, the castellated, the enchanting. Now if soomone...
17.5d: Yet clarify begins at. Whither the spot for? Whence the hour by? See but!...
17.5e: A flasch and, rasch, it shall come to pasch, as hearth by hearth leaps live....
17.5f: The spearspid of dawnfire totouches ain the tablestoane ath the centre...
17.5g: Overwhere. Gaunt grey ghostly gossips growing grubber in the glow. Past now palls....
17.5h: Let shrill their duan Gallus, han, and she, hon, the Sassqueehenna,...
17.5i: Kwhat serves to rob with Alliman, saelior, a turnkeyed trot to Seapoint, pierrotettes,...
17.5k: Death banes and the quick quoke. But life wends and the dombs spake!...
17.5l: Lambel on the up! We may plesently heal Geoglyphy's twentynine ways...
17.5m: For korfs, for streamfish, for confects, for bullyoungs, for smearsassage,...
17.5n: for lungfortes, for moonyhaunts, for fairmoneys, for coffins,...
17.5o: Tep. Come lead, crom lech! Top. Wisely for us Old Bruton has withdrawn his theory....
17.5p: We seem to understand apad vellumtomes muniment, Arans Duhkha,...
17.5q: how the mudden research in the topaia that was Mankaylands...

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FDV: "Scatter fire to [...] of the sky. {Kilt by kelt shall kithagain with kinagain.}"

synopsis: the sun is rising over generations-old Ireland — the house awakens, breakfast is on the way

Sanskrit cluster (hard to verify nuances)

Vah! Suvarn Sur!

Sanskrit 'vah' = to flow, carry, lead, transport, experience, take in marriage, convey in carriage (imperative directed at god?? why separate exclamation marks? announcing him?)

it's not 'go, sir' it's more like 'behold, a god'? cf the Sirens watching the viceregal cavalcade U245&c

Sanskrit: svarNa(स्वर्ण)/ Suvarna means 'gold' in Sanskrit, joining 'Su' (beautiful) and 'varna' (color). In the Mahabharata, Suvarna was the daughter of Ikshvaku (so, feminine?)

Sanskrit sur: sun, god, sage

Sanskrit Suvarn sur: 'god of good shape' (ie, golden)
sovereign sir

Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky, thou who agnitest!

fdv: "Scatter fire to [...] of the sky." (imperative)

longshot: scatterbrain (wrong syntax)

Danish brand: a fire
firebrand = torch, agitator
Ibsen's "Brand" heroic outsider idealist

why "to"? set fire to?

renewer, renewal
newel: in architecture, the pillar forming the centre from which the steps of a winding stair radiate (U666: 'staircase...treads and risers, newel, balusters and handrail') so, one who holds up the sky-- ie, Atlas?
so is this reneweller the sun, or something the sun shines on??

"thou" imperative

Sanskrit agni: fire
Agni: Hindu god of fire
obsolete agnition: recognition

Agnus Dei (Christ as Lamb of the Sacrifice)

Dah! Arcthur is coming! Be!

Sanskrit dah: to burn, scorch ("Vah! ...Dah! ...Be!")

fw1 had "Arcthuris comeing!"
Greek arcturos: guardian


'be' = pray (Scandinavian languages)

Verb imprincipiant through the entrancitive spaces!

Vulgate New Testament John 1:1: 'In Principio erat Verbum': 'In the beginning was the Word'

the verb 'to be'?

incipient (cf U122: "—Incipient jigs. Sad case.")

fw1 had "umprincipiant... trancitive "

entrance, entrancing
intransitive verb

'verb' = time, vs 'spaces'?

Kilt by kelt shall kithagain with kinagain.

fdv identical: "Kilt by kelt shall kithagain with kinagain."

AngloIrish accent: kilt: killed
kilt = plaid Scottish men's skirt

celt: prehistoric chisel/axe
Celt = Celtic tribesman
killed by a celt

fw1 had "shell"

phrase kith and kin

465.31 "Be ownkind. Be kithkinish. Be bloodysibby. Be irish."

eternal brother-battle

We elect for thee, Tirtangel.

'we * for thee' [gBks] weep, pray, wait, mourn, make ready

elect = vote, choose, select
the elect = those who qualify for heaven

tuhrTANGEuhl or tuhrTAINjel?

Irish tir: land

Tintagel, Cornwall: site of Mark's castle and birthplace of Arthur (a 'rotten borough' before 1832) tinTADGEuhl

angel = Shaun?

Svadesia salve!

Hindustani: Svadesia: self-government
Sanskrit svadesia: self-guider, thou who movest spontaneously in thy proper course

(why no comma?)

salve = ointment
Latin salve: hail! (so probably 2 syllables)


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