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FW 17.5i --HCE's piracy/prisonbreak--

17.5a: Vah! Suvarn Sur! Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky,...
17.5b: We, Durbalanars, theeadjure. A way, the Margan, from our astamite,...
17.5c: Even unto Heliotropolis, the castellated, the enchanting. Now if soomone...
17.5d: Yet clarify begins at. Whither the spot for? Whence the hour by? See but!...
17.5e: A flasch and, rasch, it shall come to pasch, as hearth by hearth leaps live....
17.5f: The spearspid of dawnfire totouches ain the tablestoane ath the centre...
17.5g: Overwhere. Gaunt grey ghostly gossips growing grubber in the glow. Past now palls....
17.5h: Let shrill their duan Gallus, han, and she, hon, the Sassqueehenna,...
17.5i: Kwhat serves to rob with Alliman, saelior, a turnkeyed trot to Seapoint, pierrotettes,...
17.5k: Death banes and the quick quoke. But life wends and the dombs spake!...
17.5l: Lambel on the up! We may plesently heal Geoglyphy's twentynine ways...
17.5m: For korfs, for streamfish, for confects, for bullyoungs, for smearsassage,...
17.5n: for lungfortes, for moonyhaunts, for fairmoneys, for coffins,...
17.5o: Tep. Come lead, crom lech! Top. Wisely for us Old Bruton has withdrawn his theory....
17.5p: We seem to understand apad vellumtomes muniment, Arans Duhkha,...
17.5q: how the mudden research in the topaia that was Mankaylands...

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FDV: [nothing]

context: the fallen hero is being reborn, a rooster crows, and...?

Kwhat serves to rob with Alliman, saelior,

Swedish words sometimes begin with 'kv'

stoops to conquer???

rob = slave?

Ali? Muslim pirate?
French Allemagne: Germany

sailor (DB Murphy in Ulysses?)
Swedish säljare: seller
melior = better (Latin)

sailors who rob = pirates

a turnkeyed trot to Seapoint, pierrotettes,

turnkey = jailer
turkey trot: American ballroom dance introduced c1910 [40sec]

escape from jail via jailer? Hamilton Rowan [wiki] James Stephens [wiki]

Seapoint: district of Dún Laoghaire
see the point?

Pierrot = tragic pantomime clown [wiki]
pieds = feet (French); tête = head (French); des pieds à la tête
pirouettes = turning on toes

means Noel's Bar and Julepunsch, by Joge,

'what serves... means'?

French Noël: Christmas
Pere Noel = Father Christmas

bar = drinkingplace; sandbar? bars on jailcell?

Danish jul: Christmas
archaic Yule: Christmas

Punch and Judy
German Punsch: punch (drink) pronounced punsh?

why 'Person's Bar and Drink'?

by george

if you've tippertaps in your head or starting kursses, tailour,

Simon Tappertit: Gabriel Varden's (anarchical?) apprentice in Dickens Barnaby Rudge [wiki] 'chosen as leader [of rebellion]... his legs crushed in the riots, becomes a shoe-black' prison-break motif?

'taps in your head' sounds like delusions of spiritualism
cf? fw220.25 "the spirit's whispers in his magical helmet"

Ulysses 'tap' motif (blind stripling)

starting gun (or other signal) to begin race?
starting to curse but stopping to be polite???

Swedish kurs: course (of instruction); exchange rate, valuation
starting a course
starting a racecourse?
Kersse, the tailor blames hunchback for illfitting suit
why tailoUr? (old French 'taillour', new French 'tailleur')

your right to Penmark, stommering silenced

fw1 had "you're silenced" here (missing 4 words)

turn right?
right of possession? of authorship??

Penmark = Welsh village/castle [wiki]
anachronism: Penmarric
mark of pen (ie signature?)

Dutch stom: stupid, mute, dumb
stoma: orifice, pore (from Greek stoma: mouth)

how silenced?? stammering outgrown?
put into (silent) writing?

at Henge Ceollege, Exmooth, Ostbys for ost, boys, each and one?

Norwegian henge: hang

Irish ceol: music, singing
fw1 had "Ceolleges,"

Oxford colleges: Balliol College, Blackfriars, Brasenose College, Christ Church, Corpus Christi College, Exeter College, Harris Manchester College, Hertford College, Jesus College, Keble College, Lady Margaret Hall, Lincoln College, Magdalen College, Mansfield College, Merton College, New College, Oriel College, Pembroke College, The Queen's College, Regent's Park College, St Anne's College, St Benet's Hall, St Catherine's College, St Edmund Hall, St Hilda's College, St Hugh's College, St John's College, St Peter's College, St Stephen's House, Somerville College, Trinity College, University College, Wadham College, Worcester College, Wycliffe Hall

Cambridge colleges: Christ's College, Churchill College, Clare College, Corpus Christi College, Downing College, Emmanuel College, Fitzwilliam College, Girton College, Gonville and Caius College, Homerton College, Hughes Hall, Jesus College, King's College, Lucy Cavendish, Magdalene College, Murray Edwards College, Newnham College, Pembroke College, Peterhouse, Queens' College, Robinson College, Selwyn College, Sidney Sussex College, St Catharine's College, St Edmund's College, St John's College, Trinity College, Trinity Hall, Wolfson College

Exmouth, town, Devonshire [wiki] resort in 19thC

Swedish östby: east-village
Danish østbys: east of the town
'Ostman': Viking (as in Oxmantown, part of North Dublin)
Danish by: town, city

for us

longshot: Catesby's for cost? (sounds like ad slogan)

Swedish öst: Danish øst: east
Swedish ost: Danish ost: cheese

boys (sailor addressing shipmates?) in Ulysses many different people use 'boys' to address groups

Swedish var och en: everybody (literally 'each and one')

they're all just boys?

every man for himself???
all for one and one for all?


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