Monday, February 6, 2012

FW 17.5e --HCE's flame spreads--

17.5a: Vah! Suvarn Sur! Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky,...
17.5b: We, Durbalanars, theeadjure. A way, the Margan, from our astamite,...
17.5c: Even unto Heliotropolis, the castellated, the enchanting. Now if soomone...
17.5d: Yet clarify begins at. Whither the spot for? Whence the hour by? See but!...
17.5e: A flasch and, rasch, it shall come to pasch, as hearth by hearth leaps live....
17.5f: The spearspid of dawnfire totouches ain the tablestoane ath the centre...
17.5g: Overwhere. Gaunt grey ghostly gossips growing grubber in the glow. Past now palls....
17.5h: Let shrill their duan Gallus, han, and she, hon, the Sassqueehenna,...
17.5i: Kwhat serves to rob with Alliman, saelior, a turnkeyed trot to Seapoint, pierrotettes,...
17.5k: Death banes and the quick quoke. But life wends and the dombs spake!...
17.5l: Lambel on the up! We may plesently heal Geoglyphy's twentynine ways...
17.5m: For korfs, for streamfish, for confects, for bullyoungs, for smearsassage,...
17.5n: for lungfortes, for moonyhaunts, for fairmoneys, for coffins,...
17.5o: Tep. Come lead, crom lech! Top. Wisely for us Old Bruton has withdrawn his theory....
17.5p: We seem to understand apad vellumtomes muniment, Arans Duhkha,...
17.5q: how the mudden research in the topaia that was Mankaylands...

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FDV: [nothing]

A flasch and, rasch, it shall come to pasch,

could be pronounced flask-rask-pask or flash-rash-pash

German Flasche: bottle
flash (lightning?)
lightning in a bottle [phrase]

German rasch: quickly

come to pass

German Pasch: dice
Latin pascha: Easter

as hearth by hearth leaps live.


St Patrick's vision of fire spreading

hearths leap to life
'living hearth' is a phrase

For the tanderest stock with the rosinost top.

Norwegian tander: delicate
Dutch tandenstoker: tooth-pick
tender body vs firm tip?
longshot: tandoori cookery?

soup stock?

rosin/resin tip (vs wooden stock/shaft of pool cue?)
Rossini, Rocinante
Rosina: girl in The Barber of Seville fw609.11
why rosinOst? -est/-ost = east/west?

fw1 omits fullstop

Allen Hill's, clubpubber, in general stores and. Blz!

fw1 had "Ahlen"
German Ahle: awl

Allen Hill seems to be a person's name here?
Hill of Allen: Finn's headquarters, County Kildare [fweet-4]

one who drinks in clubs and pubs?? or who owns a club or pub?
one who pubs/publishes clubs?

fw1 omits "Blz!"
balls? bells? bulls?

Atriathroughwards, Lugh the Brathwacker will be the listened after

Latin atria: plural of atriums; ie? the whole house
through the atriums
(is there a single-word five-syllable pun here? atriATHruwards? cf "The house of Atreox is fallen indeedust" the gods of the Greek mythology cursed the descendants of Tantalus, most notably the House of Atreus (the father of Agamemnon; Latin atrox: cruel)

Lugh Lámh-fhada: Lugh of the Long Arm: god of sun and genius [wiki]
prononced loo or guttural loo(ch)

Irish bráth: judgment, doom
German wacker: brave

cf? "Cropherb the Crunchbracken"

listen after: listen to dwindling sound of departure

and he larruping sparks out of his teiney ones.

larrup = smack; fuck
LARupping? or laRUPPing?

Irish teine: fire
(if they're already on fire, could he be trying to put them out?)

tiny ones = small children; small women


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