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FW 17.5k --HCE has married Issy--

17.5a: Vah! Suvarn Sur! Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky,...
17.5b: We, Durbalanars, theeadjure. A way, the Margan, from our astamite,...
17.5c: Even unto Heliotropolis, the castellated, the enchanting. Now if soomone...
17.5d: Yet clarify begins at. Whither the spot for? Whence the hour by? See but!...
17.5e: A flasch and, rasch, it shall come to pasch, as hearth by hearth leaps live....
17.5f: The spearspid of dawnfire totouches ain the tablestoane ath the centre...
17.5g: Overwhere. Gaunt grey ghostly gossips growing grubber in the glow. Past now palls....
17.5h: Let shrill their duan Gallus, han, and she, hon, the Sassqueehenna,...
17.5i: Kwhat serves to rob with Alliman, saelior, a turnkeyed trot to Seapoint, pierrotettes,...
17.5k: Death banes and the quick quoke. But life wends and the dombs spake!...
17.5l: Lambel on the up! We may plesently heal Geoglyphy's twentynine ways...
17.5m: For korfs, for streamfish, for confects, for bullyoungs, for smearsassage,...
17.5n: for lungfortes, for moonyhaunts, for fairmoneys, for coffins,...
17.5o: Tep. Come lead, crom lech! Top. Wisely for us Old Bruton has withdrawn his theory....
17.5p: We seem to understand apad vellumtomes muniment, Arans Duhkha,...
17.5q: how the mudden research in the topaia that was Mankaylands...

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FDV: [nothing]

Death banes and the quick quoke.

193.29 "He points the deathbone and the quick are still."

bane: kill, harm

croak = die?

But life wends and the dombs spake!

195.05 "He lifts the lifewand and the dumb speak."


wend = change direction

Hungarian: domb: hill

Death / But life
banes and the / wends and the
quick / dombs
quoke. / spake!

Whake? Hill of Hafid, knock and knock, nachasach,

wh- question

Hafiz: Persian poet
Howth (Hoved)

AngloIrish knock: hill
German nach und nach: by and by

Irish sasanach: English

gives relief to the langscape

relief = depth; comfort

German lang: long
Chinese lang: wolf
'langue' (French) = language, tongue

as he strauches his lamusong upon gazelle channel

stretches his [limbs on?] upon

Cape Strauch (New Ireland)
German Strauch: bush
German straucheln: to stumble, to trip

Lamusong: town (New Ireland)
French: il amuse

fw1 had "untoupon"

Gazelle Channel (New Ireland)

and the bride of the Bryne, shin high shake,

bride of the brine [399.02] [500.21-.22]
JF Byrne?

shin high = tiny person? (usually refers to vegetation or boots)

'high shake' = older form of high-five handshake?? [cite]
'high shake' has a musical meaning too?

longshot: Chiang Kai-shek: Chinese political leader (1887-1975) confirming refs might include Sun Yat-sen, Kuomintang???

is dotter than evar for a damse wed her farther.

Swedish dotter: daughter
dottier = crazier

Penguin adds comma after 'dotter'



dance with her father

married the bride's father, or married her own father?
(ALP is crazier because HCE married Issy?)


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