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FW 2.1a --HCE's name--

2.1a: Now (to forebare for ever solittle of Iris Frees and Lili O'Rangans)...
2.1b: which would link him back with such pivotal ancestors as the Glues...
2.1c: We are told how in the beginning it came to pass that, like cabbaging...
2.1d: Forgetful of all save his vassal's plain fealty to the ethnarch, Humphrey...
2.1e: On his majesty, who was, or often feigned to be, noticeably longsighted...
2.1f: Our sailor king, who was draining a gugglet of obvious adamale...
2.1g: turned towards two of his retinue of gallowglasses, Michael, etheling lord...
2.1h: (in either case a triptychal religious family symbolising puritas of doctrina...
2.1i: For he kinned Jom Pill with his court so gray and his haunts in his house...

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FDV: "Concerning the genesis of his agnomen" →
"Concerning the genesis of {Harold or} Humphrey Coxon's agnomen and discarding finally those theories" →
4DV: "Now, concerning the genesis of Harold or Humphrey Chimpden's occupational agnomen and discarding once for all those theories from older sources"

synopsis: the origin of Earwicker's name, the result of a meeting with the king — Here Comes Everybody, with his imposing figure

Now (to forebare for ever solittle of Iris Frees and Lili O'Rangans),

forbear = delay
fore = forehead?
bare = naked


why no space? dolittle? belittle?


Iris Tree by Modigliani
Iris Tree: English poet, actress and artists' model 1897-1968 [wiki]
fw1 has "Trees"

in the Aeniad, Juno sends Iris to free Dido

since both names end with 's' they may each be plural 'types'
the temptresses as a duo are mostly absent from ch1, so this forbearance is more forwardlooking than back


song Orange Lily, O 
why Lili?


concerning the genesis of Harold or Humphrey Chimpden's occupational agnomen

weird parallels emphasizing how the Guinness brewery was often called a 'concern':
fw99: "Elsewere there here no concern of the Guinnesses."
fw126: "for the concern of Messrs Jhon Jhamieson and Song"
fw309: "It may not or maybe a no concern of the Guinnesses but."

"Harold" is not widely reused
he's a hunchback?

Chimpden/chimp [fweet-8]
he's apelike?

occupational: he catches earwigs as part of his profession?

agnomen: an additional name or nickname, generally on account of some exploit

(we are back in the presurnames prodromarith period, of course,

presurnames period: a period in Irish history (before the 10thC) when men bore essentially one name, usually composed of two yoked elements (e.g. Conchobhar, 'high-will'), sometimes complemented by a patronymic ('Mac' plus genitive of father's name) or an agnomen

like predominant

artificial Greek: pro-drom-arithmos: what comes before numbers (from Greek prodromos: forerunner; dromos: road; arithmos: number)

-ith is rare in English, -eth more common

pre-christian period of Irish history?
(what timeframe does "period" imply?)

just when enos chalked halltraps)

why "just"? only, exactly, coincidentally?


Enos: son of Seth (Genesis 5:6), regarded by kabbalists as a greater magician than any before him (why no cap?)
Hebrew enosh: man
plural of eno?

U616 mentions the superstition that you can trap a rooster by drawing a chalk circle around it (cf earwigging??)

wrote graffiti in chalk
slang chalk: to slash, to scratch

traps in the hall, created with chalk, or marked as warning?


cf? U411: "You never seen me in the mantrap with a married highlander"

and discarding once for all those theories from older sources

"once for all" as a phrase usually refers to Jesus [ngram]
once and for all
all for one and one for all

VI.B3.158: 'from older sources'
Fitzpatrick: Ireland and the Making of Britain 29: 'an Irish historical tract, written about 721 A. D., and copied from older sources, gives the definite Gaelic monarchy as beginning contemporaneously with Alexander the Great in the fourthC B. C.'


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