Sunday, August 31, 2014

FW 1.75c --the cat's doing well--

1.75a: I've an eye on queer Behan and old Kate and the butter, trust me...
1.75b: The sternwheel's crawling strong. I seen your missus in the hall...
1.75c: Bald Tib does be yawning and smirking cats' hours on the Pollockses'...
1.75d: If you only were there to explain the meaning, best of men...
1.75e: She was flirtsome then and she's fluttersome yet. She can second...
1.75f: News, news, all the news. Death, a leopard, kills fellah in Fez...
1.75g: There'll be bluebells blowing in salty sepulchres the night...

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FDV: [nothing]

Bald Tib does be yawning and smirking cats' hours

fw1 had "Boald"

Dialect tib-cat: a female cat
Tibert: cat in the Reynard cycle (also known as Tybalt)

AngloIrish does be (habitual present tense of 'to be')

Castor (and Pollux)

phrase banker's hours: short work hours

on the Pollockses' woolly round tabouret cushion

(Castor and) Pollux

Round Table

tabouret: low, drum-shaped stool without arms or back

watching her sewing a dream together,

goddess weaves world on loom

the tailor's daughter, stitch to her last.

phrase stick to one's last
last ditch
without a stitch

Or, while waiting for winter to fire the enchantment,


decoying more nesters to fall down the flue.

Serbo-Croatian nestera: niece
nesting birds

It's an allavalonche that blows nopussy food.

proverb It's an ill wind that blows nobody good

French à l'aval: downstream
hell of a lunch?


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