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FW 1.76c --opinions of his guilt vary--

1.76a: For, be that samesake sibsubstitute of a hooky salmon, there's already a big rody ram...
1.76b: humphing his share of the showthers is senken on him he's such a grandfallar...
1.76c: And aither he cursed and recursed and was everseen doing what your fourfootlers saw...
1.76d: Though Eset fibble it to the zephiroth and Artsa zoom it round her heavens...
1.76e: But however 'twas 'tis sure for one thing, what Sherif Toragh voucherfors...
1.76f: with a bumrush in a hull of a wherry, the twin turbane dhow, The Bey for Dybbling...
1.76g: and has been repreaching himself like a fishmummer these sixtyten years ever since...
1.76h: our old offender was humile, commune and ensectuous from his nature...

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FDV: "and either he did what you know or he did not what you know {with the clouds alone for {weeping} witnesses} and that'll do now" →
"and either he did what you know or he did not what you know weep the clouds alone for smiling witnesses and that'll do now"

And aither he cursed and recursed

AngloIrish accent: aither: either
Greek aithêr: ether

cursing as a sin?

Italian ricorso: recurring (Vico)
recursive, recursion
(is cursing twice worse than just once?)

and was everseen doing what your fourfootlers saw

ever seen


slang footle: to talk or act foolishly (cf fuck around) [wkt]

phrase what the butler saw: euphemism for sex (especially in a voyeuristic context)

U513: "BLOOM I was precocious. Youth. The fauna. I sacrificed to the god of the forest. The flowers that bloom in the spring. It was pairing time. Capillary attraction is a natural phenomenon. Lotty Clarke, flaxenhaired, I saw at her night toilette through illclosed curtains, with poor papa's operaglasses. The wanton ate grass wildly. She rolled downhill at Rialto Bridge to tempt me with her flow of animal spirits. She climbed their crooked tree and I. A saint couldn't resist it. The demon possessed me. Besides, who saw?"

or he was neverdone seeing what you coolpigeons know,

seen doing... done seeing

your... you

stool pigeons
pigeons = lipoleums

weep the clouds aboon for smiledown witnesses,


clouds weeping = rain

dialect aboon: above (Scottish)
a boon


why oneword smiledown? lockdown? (cf deadlop above) smiled on?
crown witness? friendly witness?

Hebrews 12:1: 'compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses'

"Clouds of Witness" was a 1926 Dorothy Sayers detective novel [wiki]

(how could the clouds witness him NOT doing anything?)

and that'll do now about the fairyhees and the frailyshees.

that will do = please no more [def]


Anglo-Irish shee: fairy (from Irish sídhe)
but why heEs? heels?

is 'fraily' a (multilingual?) pun?

ie, no more gossip about his sins with boys and girls


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