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FW 1.76h --he'll take the blame--

1.76a: For, be that samesake sibsubstitute of a hooky salmon, there's already a big rody ram...
1.76b: humphing his share of the showthers is senken on him he's such a grandfallar...
1.76c: And aither he cursed and recursed and was everseen doing what your fourfootlers saw...
1.76d: Though Eset fibble it to the zephiroth and Artsa zoom it round her heavens...
1.76e: But however 'twas 'tis sure for one thing, what Sherif Toragh voucherfors...
1.76f: with a bumrush in a hull of a wherry, the twin turbane dhow, The Bey for Dybbling...
1.76g: and has been repreaching himself like a fishmummer these sixtyten years ever since...
1.76h: our old offender was humile, commune and ensectuous from his nature...

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FDV: "an that he was of humile commune & ensectuous nature, as his you may guess from his byname, & that he is he & no other he who is primarily responsible for the high cost of everything." →
"that he was humile commune & ensectuous from nature, as you may guess after his byname, & that he is he & no other he will be ultimendly respunchable for the hall cost of everything."

our old offender was humile, commune and ensectuous from his nature,

356.13: "the farst wriggle from the ubivence, whereom is man, that old offender, nother man, wheile he is asame"

fdv: "of humile commune & ensectuous nature" (more poetically earthy)


Latin humilis: lowly
humus = earth
hamile = pregnant (Turkish)


insect (insects)
enceinte = pregnant

which you may gauge after the bynames was put under him

gage = pledge

German Beiname: nickname, epithet (archaic German: Beiname: surname)
byword, bylaw


why "under"? cf put label on, call names after

in lashons of languages (honnein suit and praisers be!),

Hebrew lashon: tongue, speech, language
AngloIrish lashings: plenty (cf U225: "Lashings of stuff we put up: port wine and sherry...")

Motto of the Garter: Honi soit qui mal y pense: Evil Be (to Him) Who Evil Thinks of This [pron]

'hinein' = in (away from the speaker) (German)
Honein = obscure 9thC Arab Christian translator
Hebrew khanneni: pity me


praises be
people who praise

and, totalisating him, even hamissim of himashim,

'totalization' is a word
cf generalisation, visualisation
taking him in total

Hebrew khamishim: fifty
Hebrew khamisha khumshey: five fifths, ie Pentateuch, or five kingdoms of ancient Ireland
Ham and Shem
'Al HaNissim (Hebrew: עַל הַנִסִּים, "on the miracles") is an addition to the Amidah and Birkat Hamazon on Hanukkah and Purim.' [wiki]

that he, sober serious, he is ee and no counter he

VI.B14.229: 'sober serious'
My People, Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales 25: 'What nonsense you talk out of the back of your head! Sober serious, mouth not that you have thrown gravel at Sara Jane's window!' ('in truth'?)

fdv: "he is he & no other he"

Pigott's forged Parnell letter began: 'Dear E!... let there be an end of this hesitency'
why EE?

no account
counterfeit, counterpart, counterpoint
U: counterjumper

who will be ultimendly respunchable for the hubbub caused in Edenborough.

ultimately responsible

Latin timendum: to be feared


fdv: "high {hall} cost of everything"

Hebrew khibbubh: fondness

Garden of Eden
Eden and Burgh Quays, Dublin, face one another across the Liffey river
'-boro' [fweet-39] mostly one-syllable prefixes


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