Sunday, August 31, 2014

FW 1.75g --ALP has many years left--

1.75a: I've an eye on queer Behan and old Kate and the butter, trust me...
1.75b: The sternwheel's crawling strong. I seen your missus in the hall...
1.75c: Bald Tib does be yawning and smirking cats' hours on the Pollockses'...
1.75d: If you only were there to explain the meaning, best of men...
1.75e: She was flirtsome then and she's fluttersome yet. She can second...
1.75f: News, news, all the news. Death, a leopard, kills fellah in Fez...
1.75g: There'll be bluebells blowing in salty sepulchres the night...

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FDV: "Her hair's as brown as ever it was. And wivvy and wavy. Repose you now! Finn no more!"

There'll be bluebells blowing in salty sepulchres

bluebells growing
bubbles blowing

cf fw626: "But I read in Tobecontinued's tale that while blubles blows there'll still be sealskers."

cf fw628?? "the near sight of the mere size of him, the moyles and moyles of it, moananoaning, makes me seasilt saltsick and I rush, my only, into your arms"

the night she signs her final tear. Zee End.

actress's final performance

teastain motif

Z (end of alphabet)
Dutch zee: sea
see (ie, cross-reference to the end of the book)

fw628 "the"

But that's a world of ways away.

Congreve: The Way of the World

Till track laws time.

track law (horse racing)

lost track of time

last time

Proust: In Search of Lost Time

No silver ash or switches for that one!

switch: a coil of false hair, worn by women as a hair-supplement

While flattering candles flare.

German flattern: to waver, to flutter

Anna Stacey's how are you!

Greek anastasê: resurrection

AngloIrish how are you!: don't be absurd! (Letter: How Are You)

Worther waist in the noblest,

German W├Ârter: words

worth her weight

says Adams and Sons, the wouldpay actionneers.

J. Adams and Sons, Dublin auctioneers


French actionnaire: shareholder

Her hair's as brown as ever it was.

And wivvy and wavy.

Italian vivi: alive (plural)

Repose you now! Finn no more!

French reposez-vous: have a lie down (literally 'repose you')

New Testament John 8:11: 'sin no more'


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