Monday, September 1, 2014

FW 1.75a --we're keeping an eye on the servants--

1.75a: I've an eye on queer Behan and old Kate and the butter, trust me...
1.75b: The sternwheel's crawling strong. I seen your missus in the hall...
1.75c: Bald Tib does be yawning and smirking cats' hours on the Pollockses'...
1.75d: If you only were there to explain the meaning, best of men...
1.75e: She was flirtsome then and she's fluttersome yet. She can second...
1.75f: News, news, all the news. Death, a leopard, kills fellah in Fez...
1.75g: There'll be bluebells blowing in salty sepulchres the night...

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FDV: "I've an eye on queer Behan and Old {old} Kate and the milk {buttermilk}, trust me. And we put on your clock again, sir, for you."

synopsis: the whole household is fine — so is the wife

I've an eye on queer Behan and old Kate

I'm keeping an eye on the untrustworthy servants

Sackerson, Kate

U562 has a jarvey called Behan (very common name)

and the butter, trust me.

She'll do no jugglywuggly

with her war souvenir postcards to help to build me murial.

(mementos from the museyroom? fw1.11)


French mur: wall
French mûr: ripe; drunk, tipsy

Tippers, I'll trip your traps!

tip motif

Assure a sure there!

as sure as you're

And we put on your clock again, sir, for you.

wind, reset the clock

Did or didn't we, sharestutterers?

So you won't be up a stump entirely.

Huck Finn 32: 'up a stump'

Nor shed your remnants.

Huck Finn 20: 'shed his coat'


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