Thursday, September 25, 2014

FW 1.7g --air traffic, clouds and fumes--

1.7a: What then agentlike brought about that tragoady thundersday this municipal sin business?...
1.7b: Stay us wherefore in our search for tighteousness, O Sustainer, what time we rise and when...
1.7c: Otherways wesways like that provost scoffing bedoueen the jebel and the jpysian sea. Cropherb...
1.7d: It may half been a missfired brick, as some say, or it mought have been due to a collupsus...
1.7e: (what with the wallhall's horrors of rollsrights, carhacks, stonengens, kisstvanes, tramtrees...
1.7f: and the hoyse and the jollybrool and the peeler in the coat and the mecklenburk bitch bite...
1.7g: and the noobibusses sleighding along Safetyfirst Street and the derryjellybies snooping...
1.7h: of his ville's indigenous romekeepers, homesweepers, domecreepers, thurum and thurum...
1.7i: wan warning Phill filt tippling full. His howd feeled heavy, his hoddit did shake. (There was a wall...

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synopsis: parenthesis: Finnegan's fall blamed on noisy traffic

and the noobibuses sleighding along Safetyfirst Street

Italian nubi basse: low clouds
nubia or nooby = scarf

FW1 had "noobibusses"


seventy-first? (NYC or maybe Chicago)

cf? T&I5 "lovingly she lovegulped her American’s pulpous propeller and both together in the most fashionable weather they all went off a lulliloving a dither me die me dandy O after which, believing in safety first, before the regulation ten seconds were up volatile Brittany considerately allowed his farfamed sparkingplug chokegrip to relax"
VI.B25.164: "safety 1st"
"safety first" slogan from 1910ff, book title in 1913, Harold Lloyd's comedy "Safety Last" came out 1923

and the derryjellybies

dirigibles: airships, balloons
Mrs Jellyby: a character in Dickens Bleak House, anti-example for 'charity begins at home'

snooping around Tell-No-Tailors' Corner

phrase dead men tell no tales

'safety first... snooping... tell no tales'

and the fumes and the hopes and the strupithump

Horace: Odes III.29.12: 'Fumum et opes strepitumque Romae' (Latin 'The smoke and the grandeur and the noise of Rome')

German Hupe: a car-horn
strumpet, strut, strep


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