Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FW 1.10a --HCE and ALP asleep in the landscape--

1.10a: Yet may we not see still the brontoichthyan form outlined aslumbered, even in our own nighttime...
1.10b: Whatif she be in flags or flitters, reekierags or sundyechosies,, with a mint of mines or beggar...
1.10c: Yoh! Brontolone slaaps, yoh snoores. Upon Benn Heather, in Seeple Isout too. The cranic head...
1.10d: While over against this belles' alliance beyind Ill Sixty, ollollowed ill! bagsides of the fort, bom...
1.10e: Hence when the clouds roll by, jamey, a proudseye view is enjoyable of our mounding's mass...
1.10f: Penetrators are permitted into the museomound free. Welsh and the Paddy Patkinses, one shelenk!...

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synopsis: he sleeps under Dublin

FDV: "We may see the brontoichthyan form outlined, {aslumbered,} even in our nighttime by the side of the troutlet stream that bronto loved and loves."

Yet may we not see still the brontoichthyan form outlined, aslumbered,

VI.B1.037: 'brontosauros'
Brontosaurus, Ichthyosaurus (extinct dinosaurs)



Greek brontĂȘ: thunder
Greek ichthys: fish

the fish is a symbol of Christ, whose flesh is the food of the faithful

even in our own nighttime by the sedge of the troutling stream



troutling = young trout


that Bronto loved and Brunto has a lean on?

Greek bronton = thundering

Giambattista Bruno


Hic cubat edilis. Apud libertinam parvulam.


Latin hic cubat aedilis apud libertinam parvulam: here sleeps the magistrate of public buildings with the little freed-girl

colloquial Italian: edile = construction worker, builder


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