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[Pee in FW]



010.09 filth. This is the hinndoo waxing ranjymad for a bombshoob.
 Slang pumpship: urinate
010.16 madrashattaras, upjump and pumpim, cry to the Willingdone:
040.04 he back it?) Pump Court, The Liberties, and, what with
040.12 lease to sea in a psumpship doodly show whereat he was looking
046.24 It was during some fresh water garden pumping
049.10 of Pump Court Columbarium, the home of the old seakings,
101.26 lizards of the pumproom had their nine days' jeer, and pratsch-
126.21 house as he was in heather; pumped the catholick wartrey and
135.04 and pump gun they goes; to all his foretellers he reared a stone
292.F01      1 Where Buickly of the Glass and Bellows pumped the Rudge engineral.
323.02 his pumps may ship awhoyle shandymound of the dussard), the
343.29 with an ultradungs heavenly mass at his base by a suprime pomp-
350.07      old Pumpey O'Dungaschiff! There will be a hen collection of him
355.01          [The pump and pipe pingers are ideally reconstituted. The
363.31 thereof, salving the presents of the board of wumps and pumps,
366.10 our love tennis squats regatts, suckpump, when on with the balls
369.13 adding the tout that pumped the stout that linked the lank that
370.24 soresen's head subrises thus tous out of rumpumplikun oak with,
370.30      Boumce! It is polisignstunter. The Sockerson boy. To pump
374.06 a throte. The auditor learns. Still pumping on Torkenwhite Rad-
406.06 hill and gaulusch gravy and pumpernickel to wolp up and a
408.20 Those sembal simon pumpkel pieman yers! We shared the twin
484.35 similar in the foreign by Pappagallus and Pumpusmugnus:
516.28 Street, perplexing about a paumpshop and pupparing to spit,
545.25 mancipelles. Lo, I have looked upon my pumpadears in their

ming/minx latin

008.04 of themselves so gigglesomes minxt the follyages, the prettilees!
 Latin minxit: she urinated

080.30 doing your dirty minx and his big treeblock way up your path?

095.09 all the birds of the southside after her, Minxy Cunningham, their
 Latin minxi: I have urinated

130.11 Here Yet (Maxwell, clark); comminxed under articles but phoe-
 Latin comminxit: he defiled

185.21 rum Medardi et Godardi laete ac melliflue minxit, psalmum qui

196.24 O, the roughty old rappe! Minxing marrage and making loof.
 Latin minxit: he urinated

222.32      Aminxt that nombre of evelings, but how pierceful in their so-

261.01 gipsylike chinkaminx pulshandjupeyjade and
 minx: lewd woman [260.17-.18] [.01]

363.26 approach from inherdoff trisspass through minxmingled hair.
 Latin minxi: I have urinated

376.03 abog. You cannot make a limousine lady out of a hillman minx.
 Hillman Minx (small car)

433.19 they never stop teasing or Minxy was a Manxmaid when Murry
 Latin minxi: I have urinated

496.08 Archimandrite of Dane's Island and the townlands nor a minx

259.05      That they take no chill. That they do ming no merder. That
 Latin mingere: to urinate

277.04 weeming racesround joydrinks for the fewnral-
 Latin mingere: to urinate

326.06 mingling a sign of the cruisk. I popetithes thee, Ocean, sayd he,
 Latin mingo: I urinate

361.11 Mr Eustache! Ingean mingen has to hear. Whose joint is out of

446.14 upon the mingling of our meeting waters, wish to wisher, like

462.04 yards, Erin go Dry! Amingst the living waters of, the living in
 Latin mingere: to urinate

496.23 ariring out of her mirgery margery watersheads and, to change
 Italian mingere: to urinate

556.36 was it Schweeps's mingerals or Shuhorn the posth with a tilly-
 Latin mingere: to urinate

106.19 Face to His Customs, Chee Chee Cheels on their China Miction,
 Latin mictio: urination

166.28 cation of micturious mites must stand over from the moment till
 Latin mictorius: urinative

184.22 Asther's mess and Huster's micture and Yellownan's embrocation

390.22 floor but still they parted, raining water laughing, per Nupiter
 Shelta nup: to micturate

006.31 so on the flounder of his bulk like an overgrown babeling, let wee
Colloquial wee: to urinate

021.15 of-his-in-law, the prankquean. And the prankquean pulled a rosy
Slang to pluck a rose: (of women) to urinate (or defecate)

022.28 ling. And she made her wittest in front of the arkway of trihump,

054.18 colo pocchino. Wee fee? Ung duro. Kocshis, szabad? Mercy, and
Colloquial wee: to urinate

057.13 wee, wee. Our antheap we sensed as a Hill of Allen, the Barrow
Colloquial wee: to urinate

060.04 late to whissle when Phyllis floods her stable. It would be skar-
'shall I whistle for it?' (jocular offer of help when someone is slow to start urinating)

085.29 fellow's fetch being the other follow's person) that is to see, flying
(urinating and defecating)

088.30 founts of bounty playing there — is — a — pain — aleland in

089.01 place. A stoker temptated by evesdripping aginst the driver who
(women urinating)

089.12 we not doubt sensible how yellowatty on the forx was altered?
yellow water (urine)

120.33 nature at her naturalest while that fretful fidget eff, the hornful
Colloquial phrase call of nature: need to defecate or urinate

128.11 oxside and silk stockings show her shapings when he looses hose
oxhide (in Greek mythology, Orion was said to have been born from an oxhide urinated upon by three gods)
(urinates on)

132.18 man, Thorker the Tourable; you feel he is Vespasian yet you
French vespasienne: street urinal

141.09 out old mans, melk vitious geit, scareoff jackinjills fra tiddle
Colloquial tiddle: to urinate

142.24 the feekeepers at their laws, nightly consternation, fortnightly
(woman defined as a creature that urinates once a day, defecates once a week, menstruates once a month, and parturiates once a year)

154.30 — I was just thinkling upon that, swees Mooksey, but, for all
Colloquial tinkling: urinating

156.16 laries were fond at variance with the synodals of his somepooliom
Dublin Slang pooly: urine

160.22 to the irony of the stars. You will say it is most unenglish and
James Joyce: Ulysses.17.2226: 'the apathy of the stars' (after urination in Bloom's back garden)

171.25 jo jo jo, the winevat, of the most serene magyansty az archdio-
(urinary bladder)
Joyce liked a Swiss white wine, Fendant de Sion, which he said looked like the urine of an archduchess

171.28 grinning at, fancy you're in her yet, Fanny Urinia.
Slang fanny: a can for liquor; female genitalia
Urania: in Greek mythology, the muse of astronomy

185.25 frigorique exposito, encaustum sibi fecit indelibile (faked O'Ryan's,
Orion (originally named Urion as he emerged from god's urine on a bull's hide)
Latin orina: urine

185.31 in the United Stars of Ourania or bedeed and bedood and bedang
supposedly Orion was originally named Ourion because it was generated from Greek ouron: urine

198.11 ing bakvandets sals from all around, nyumba noo, chamba choo,
Slang number one, number two: urination, defecation (children's euphemisms)

200.23 (To Blockbeddum here! Here the Shoebenacaddie!) and legging
Japanese shoben: urine

203.04 waster asarch for her track, to wend her ways byandby, robecca
Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.246: (of Gargantua's pissing) 'son déluge urinal fut tellement abondant "qu'il fist une petite riviere, laquelle on appelle encore de present Robec"' (French 'his urinary flood was so abundant "that it formed a little river, which is still called Robec nowadays"') (Cluster: Rivers)

206.28 more. And pooleypooley.
Dublin Slang pooly: urine

207.16 mine, the stalls bridely sign, there's Zambosy waiting for Me!
(urinal stalls)

212.25 honour of Clane! The wee taste the water left. I'll raft it back,
Slang wee-wee: urination

214.03 of a manzinahurries off Bachelor's Walk. But all that's left to the
man's-in-a-hurry (for a place to urinate in)

223.36 he was weeting. Utem. He wished to grieve on the good persons, that
Colloquial weeing: urinating

225.06 they insinuate quiet private, Ni, he make peace in his preaches
Chinese ni: to urinate

239.20 ever, whether on privates, whather in publics. And when all us
water in public (i.e. urination)

251.04 He stanth theirs mun in his natural, oblious autamnesically
Irish mún: urine

253.27 screams, scarf drill, cap fecking, ejaculations of aurinos, reecho-

256.07 ram of all harns, Bier, Wijn, Spirituosen for consumption on the
German Harn: urine

277.04 weeming racesround joydrinks for the fewnral-
Colloquial wee: to urinate

287.15 nounced olfa. There's the isle of Mun, ah!
Irish mún: urine

315.09 Burniface, shiply efter, shoply after, at an angle of lag, let flow,
Slang lag: urinate

348.04 baddlefall of staot but falls a batforlake a borrlefull of bare). And
Breton staot: urine

377.05 of a gull! What you'd if he'd. The groom is in the greenhouse,
Dublin Slang greenhouse: urinal, public toilet (from the paint colour)

391.18 a Neptune's mess of all of himself, sculling over the giamond's

407.17 numerose Italicuss ever rawsucked frish uov in urinal?), a brieze

434.10 to boil the big gun's dinner. Leg-before-Wicked lags-behind-
Slang lag: urinate

438.13 you'll be squitting on the Tubber Nakel, pouring pitchers to the

506.25 threwed her pippin's thereabouts and they've cropped up tooth
Italian Slang pipi: urine

532.28 through toombs and deempeys, lagmen, was she but tinkling of

538.23 shambles, were they moon at aube with hespermun and I their
Irish mún: urine

563.05 humious tears on his intimelle. And he has pipettishly bespilled
(wet his bed (with urine or semen))

570.26 Do you not must want to go somewhere on the present?
(go to urinal) [571.17]

570.29 far walk (O pity) anygo khaibits till the number one of sairey's
Slang number one: urination

571.17 her peony pears, her nistlingsloes! I, pipette, I must also quick-
(must also enter urinal) [570.26]

586.05 Water non to be discharged coram grate or ex window. Never
Tristram Shandy, in Sterne's novel, lost his foreskin while urinating from a window

588.24 Izzy's busy down the dell! Mizpah low, youyou, number
Slang number one: urination [.21]

Manneken-Pis: statue in Brussels of a child urinating

017.02                        sers moony, Minnikin passe.
058.10 sullivans! Mannequins pause! Longtong's breach is fallen down
166.18 a sectary) held hostage at armslength, teaching His Infant
 (two-year old Duke Godefroid III of Brabant is the sovereign behind the legend of the Manneken-Pis (accompanied his army to the battlefield and was hung in the branches of a tree for three days, passing water from time to time))
207.14 might she passe of him for a minnikin. A call to pay and light a
267.F02      2 Mannequins' Pose.
329.04 mimmykin puss, (hip, hip, horatia!) for my old comrhade salty-
334.35 To Donnicoombe Fairing. Millikin's Pass. When visiting at
532.33 tion prize in my serial dreams of faire women, Mannequins Passe,
576.15 fears my wee mee mannikin, keep my big wig long strong mano-

make water

008.32 handmade's book of stralegy while making their war undisides
 phrase make water: to urinate
021.16 one and made her wit foreninst the dour. And she lit up and fire-
 phrase make water: to urinate

096.14 meeting waters most improper (peepette!) ballround the garden,
phrase making water: urinating

166.19 Majesty how to make waters worse.
 phrase make water: to urinate

229.22 gummer, that congealed sponsar, she had never cessed at waking
phrase making water: urinating

312.04 waters and they made whole waters at they surfered bark to the
 phrase made water: urinated
420.07 peep. How they wore two madges on the makewater. And why
 phrase make water: to urinate
519.24 before your Corth examiner, Markwalther, that there was reen
 phrase make water: to urinate

386.11 the millennium and all their mouths making water.
phrase making water: urinating

391.17 because he forgot himself, making wind and water, and made
phrase making water: urinating


006.31 so on the flounder of his bulk like an overgrown babeling, let wee
 Colloquial wee: to urinate

054.18 colo pocchino. Wee fee? Ung duro. Kocshis, szabad? Mercy, and
 Colloquial wee: to urinate

056.16 a wee dropeen of grief about to sillonise his jouejous, the ghost

057.13 wee, wee. Our antheap we sensed as a Hill of Allen, the Barrow
 Colloquial wee: to urinate

069.30      O, by the by, lets wee brag of praties, it ought to be always

103.06                  That's what she's done for wee!

114.23 ous sot's social can see the seen for seemself, a wee ftofty od

117.34 two trivets but while we in our wee free state, holding to that

149.08 martial, wee skillmustered shoul with his ooh, hoodoodoo! brok-

156.31     — Wee, cumfused the Gripes limply, shall not even be the

156.32 last of the first, wee hope, when oust are visitated by the Veiled

170.18 full wi sleep, and still another when wee deader walkner, and

197.18 Dom Dombdomb and his wee follyo! Was his help inshored in

212.25 honour of Clane! The wee taste the water left. I'll raft it back,
 Slang wee-wee: urination

244.10 roo. Comehome to roo, wee chickchilds doo, when the wild-

247.18 wee tart when abuy. Highly momourning he see the before him.

259.03      O Loud, hear the wee beseech of thees of each of these thy un-

277.04 weeming racesround joydrinks for the fewnral-
 Colloquial wee: to urinate

312.14 piddysnip that wee halfbit a second.

335.21 throughout the world. Let us say if we may what a weeny

340.19      BUTT (back to his peatrol and paump: swee Gee's wee rest: no

351.08 in our waynward islands, wee engrish, one long blue streak,

354.09 for a wee while being baffled and tottered, umbraged by the shadow

354.34 moues weeter to wee. So till butagain budly shoots thon rising

360.34 Wee wee, that long alancey one! Let sit on this anthill for our

416.04 bynear saw altitudinous wee a schelling in kopfers. He was sair

446.04 touching me dash in-you through wee dots Hyphen, the so

457.36 same, listen, Jaunick, accept this witwee's mite, though a jenny-

477.03     — He's giving, the wee bairn. Yun has lived.

483.24 so the salt and good wee braod, parallaling buttyr, did I alter-

493.19 nihil nuder under the clothing moon. When Ota, weewahrwificle
 wee wife

523.27 a wee chatty with our hosty in his comfy estably over the old

576.15 fears my wee mee mannikin, keep my big wig long strong mano-

577.01 mandragon mor and weak wiffeyducky, Morionmale and Thry-

578.32 wee wiping womanahoussy. They're coming terug their dia-

585.01 hear fond tiplady his weekreations, appearing in next eon's issue

598.34 our hugibus hugibum and our weewee mother, actaman house-

619.15 daily comfreshenall, a wee one woos.

620.22 One chap googling the holyboy's thingabib and this lad wetting
 VI.B.47.013a (b): 'and this one googling the holyboy's surplice and that one wetting his wee' (VI.B.47.012c (b): 'and this one " that one' (quotation mark dittoes 'and'))

625.24 This cara weeseed. Pretty mites, my sweetthings, was they poor-
 Scottish wee: small, tiny

626.03 tider. Allgearls is wea. At times. So. While you're adamant evar.

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