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FW 1.4e --trees reborn out of ashes--

1.4a: What clashes here of wills gen wonts, oystrygods gaggin fishygods! Brékkek...
1.4b: Where the Baddelaries partisans are still out to mathmaster Malachus Micgranes...
1.4c: What chance cuddleys, what cashels aired and ventilated! What bidimetoloves...
1.4d: O here here how hoth sprowled met the duskt the father of fornicationists but...
1.4e: The oaks of ald now they lie in peat yet elms leap where askes lay. Phall if you...

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FDV: "The oaks of old rest in peat. Elms leap where ashes lay. Till nevernever may our pharce be phoenished!" →
"The oaks of old maythey rust in peat. Elms leap where ashes lay. Till nevernever may our pharce be phoenished!"

The oaks of ald now they lie in peat

bog-oak: coniferous wood preserved in peat-bogs

Edmund Burke: A Letter to a Noble Lord, 1796: '... and I lie like one of those old oaks... I am torn up by the roots, and lie prostrate on the earth!'

longshot: the Invincibles had a last drink at the Royal Oak, Parkgate Street, before carrying out the Phoenix Park murders, 1882

of old

rest in peace

yet elms leap where ashes lay.

in Norse myth, the ash and elm (Norwegian Ask, Embla) were the first man and woman (so, women leap where men lay)

Thomas Gray: Elegy in a Country Churchyard: 'Beneath those rugged elms, that yewtree's shade, Where heaves the turf in many a mouldering heap, Each in his narrow cell for ever laid, The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep'

Lord Chesterfield, when Lord-Lieutenant (i.e. Viceroy) of Ireland, planted an avenue of elms in Phoenix Park


FW1 had "askes"
Norwegian aske: ashes


Phall if you but will, rise you must:

in Theban Coptic, Re, the Sun God, is referred to as PH


James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal II: 'If fall I must, my tomb shall rise, amidst the fame of future times'

will/must: free will/determinism

and none so soon either

FDV: "Till nevernever"
Gilbert and Sullivan: H.M.S. Pinafore: Captain Corcoran's song: 'I'm never never sick at sea'
'the Never Never' = Australian outback
Neverland/ Never Never Never Land (Peter Pan)

none too soon

shall the pharce for the nunce

farce (broad theatrical comedy)obsolete farce: meat stuffing
French phare: lighthouse (from Pharos, Egypt)

according to the Book of Invasions, Fenius Farsaid created the Irish language (but this farfetched mention is the only one)

for the nonce
"none... nunce"
Nun: in Egyptian mythology, the primeval fluid from which world was created

come to a setdown secular phoenish.

"setdown" = humbling retort (cf 'putdown'?); or meal, or meeting

Set: Egyptian god of evil and brother of Osiris

Latin in saecula: forever ('into the ages'?)

phoenix: in Egyptian mythology, a bird rising from its ashes after being burned in Heliopolis (now Cairo) site of a 68ft obelisk

the phoenix bird was singled out by Michelet as an apt symbol for Vico's cycle
references to Phoenix Park and Phoenix Brewery bring the bird in too, and Healy-opolis becomes Timothy Michael Healy's viceregal lodge, and Ashtown the phoenix's ashes


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