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[Howth in FW]

There's about 30 references to Howth in the last chapter of FW (setting up the 1st paragraph's "brings us back to"?). In the first chapter, Howth pretty consistently represents the buried/sleeping giant Finnegan's head, with his feet around Phoenix Park.

Fweet finds 150 mentions in all, overwhelmingly random-seeming, locations just mentioned in passing: [2009 map]

the simple name puns broadly with how/house/who/hath/oath:

003.20 "the humptyhillhead of humself"
004.05 "the Whoyteboyce of Hoodie"
004.11 "O here here how hoth sprowled"
004.36 "a skyerscape of most eyeful hoyth entowerly"
006.08 "His howd feeled heavy"
006.34 "from Buythebanks to Roundthehead"
007.30 "Whooth?"
010.27 "a candlelittle houthse"
012.36 "Behove this"
015.24 "old as the howitts"
021.10 "Jarl van Hoother"
036.26 "make my hoath"
042.18 "col de Houdo humps"
053.12 "how on the owther side"
073.31 "Howth or at Coolock"
121.33 "in the Bootherbrowth"
129.24 "Quayhowth"
133.01 "stark as the breath on hauwck"
160.06 "howthorns in Curraghchasa"
197.03 "head as high as a howeth"
242.05 "howthold of nummer seven"
260.05 "howelse"
264.05 "Horn"
287.09 "get a howlth on her"
312.20 "Howthe"
312.24 "had he hows"
340.06 "the Hoofd Ribeiro"
346.31 "his goodsforseeking hoarth"
357.32 "some howthern folleys"
433.12 "a hog of the howth"
448.18 "Who'll brighton Brayhowth"
452.11 "to be continued at Hothelizod"
497.07 "houthhunters"
535.26 "Old Whitehowth"
538.34 "my oath-"
556.23 "nowth upon nacht"
595.03 "Hill of Hafid"
607.27 "to the hothehill"
619.12 "he what stays under the himp of holth"
619.25 "man of the hooths"
620.12 "The Head"

Edri Deserta: Ptolemy's name for Howth

309.09 "never in Etheria Deserta"

Hoved: Danish name of Howth in the 9th century

106.33 "the Manorlord Hoved"
324.20 "to the Hoved politymester"
383.14 "Overhoved"
394.28 "for Earl Hoovedoon's choosing"

the tallest hill on Howth is just 583ft, barely a hill:

Howth in Irish is called Binn √Čadair, meaning '√Čadar's peak'.

007.28 "Upon Benn Heather"
027.27 "Be nayther"
030.11 "Reading of Hofed-ben-Edar"
326.18 "til Edar"
560.18 "begraved beneadher"
594.28 "Edar's chuckal humuristic"
623.25 "down on the heathery benn"

('cloudcapped' has to be a misnomer for ground fog)
023.21 "Wolkencap is on him" (Dutch wolkenkap: cloud cap)
126.15 "cap onto the esker of his hooth"

Howth tram
Gifford says there were two different tramroutes, one touring the Head and the other running to and from the Pillar

U40: "On the top of the Howth tram alone crying to the rain: naked women! naked women!"
081.16 "where his dreams top their traums halt (Beneathere! Benathere!)"
622.20 "Les go dutc to Danegreven" (Duncriffin: location of lighthouse: 1909 map) DUTC = Dublin United Tramways Company

Bailey/Baily Lighthouse

006.33 "From Shopalist to Bailywick"
021.10 "Jarl van Hoother had his burnt head high up in his lamphouse"
071.21 "Burnham and Bailey, Artist"
317.30 "your groot big bailey bill"
342.23 "Bailey Beacon"
358.25 "they winxed and wanxed like baillybeacons"
448.19 "the Bull Bailey"
480.18 "Hello there, Bill of old Bailey!"
624.19 "And the bailby pleasemarm rincing his eye!"

622.20 "Les go dutc to Danegreven" (Duncriffin: location of lighthouse: 1909 map) DUTC = Dublin United Tramways Company

Isthmus/Neck of Sutton

003.06 "isthmus of Europe Minor"
017.11 "by the neck I am sutton"
017.21 "by law of isthmon"
022.34 "three shuttoned castles"
315.29 "he suttonly remembered"
371.30 "From Dancingtree till Suttonstone"
533.30 "Sutton"
587.23 "on a point of our sutton down"
623.10 "hoothoothoo, ithmuthisthy!"

Ireland's Eye

006.35 "to ireglint's eye"
129.27 "like Iceland's ear"
162.32 "the green moat in Ireland's Eye"
410.12 "to isolate i"
466.35 "in his Ireland's eye"
467.32 "your Erin's ear"
604.24 "Inoperation Eyrlands Eyot, Meganesia"

Lambay Island

410.12 "on the spits of Lumbage Island"

Sheilmartin: a peak on Howth
1909 map

377.10 "skip round schlymartin by the back"
354.16 "to E. N. Sheilmartin" (Sheilmartin Avenue)
624.21 "Blessed shield Martin!"

Black Linn: the highest point on Howth
1909 map
(how does this compare to Dublin = dubh/black + linn/pool???)

017.12 "Brian d' of Linn"
626.33 "Inn this linn."

Dun (or Dung) Hill
1909 map

050.30 "that same snob of the dunhill"

Drumleck: point/castle on southern side of Howth Head
1909 map

623.26 "Out from Drumleek."

Bridge of Evora
1909 map

539.22 "for mean straits male with evorage fimmel"
623.27 "Evora told me I had best."

Saint Fintan's Church
1909 map, history

624.18 "For the loves of sinfintins!"

Nose of Howth: northeastern tip of Howth
1909 map

624.26 "everywince nasturtls. Even in Houlth's nose."

Dollymount: region on coast between central Dublin and Howth

623.23 "the hillymount of her life"

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  1. The annotations on your photo are incorrect. Black Linn/Bog Of Frogs hill is the peak you have marked as Shiel Martin, Sheil Martin is the peak behind it to the right, the most westerly height on the peninsula. Dun Hill (Muck Rock) is also further right, where you see the rocky outcrop.