Monday, September 29, 2014

[Scotland in FW]

Scottish language [fweet-62]

'scot' [fweet-237]

thistle [fweet-12]

The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond [fweet-5]

James Macpherson [fweet-101]

Robert Burns [fweet-20]

Sweet Afton [fweet-2]
The Holy Fair [fweet-1]
A Red, Red Rose [fweet-2]
Auld Lang Syne [fweet-16]
A Man's a Man for A' That [fweet-0]
Tam O'Shanter [fweet-3]
Halloween [fweet-]
The Battle of Sherramuir [fweet-]
To a Louse [fweet-]
To a Mouse [fweet-]
Ae Fond Kiss [fweet-]
Scots Wha Hae [fweet-]
Comin' Through the Rye [fweet-]
Willie Brew'd a Peck o Maut [fweet-]
There's Hair [fweet-]
John Anderson, My Jo [fweet-4]
The Deil's Awa' wi' the Excise Man [fweet-]
Esopus to Maria [fweet-]
The Ranting Dog, the Daddy O't [fweet-]
Cottar's Saturday Night [fweet-]
For A' That and A' That [fweet-]

Walter Scott [fweet-4]

James Hogg [fweet-9?]

Thomas Carlyle [fweet-7]

Smollett [fweet-7]

RL Stevenson [fweet-6]

Blind Harry [fweet-1]

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