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FW 1.8b --the wake gets lively--

1.8a: Shize? I should shee! Macool, Macool, orra whyi deed ye diie? of a trying thirstay mournin?...
1.8b: There was plumbs and grumes and cheriffs and citherers and raiders and cinemen too...
1.8c: Some in kinkin corass, more, kankan keening. Belling him up and filling him down. He's stiff...
1.8d: With their deepbrow fundigs and the dusty fidelios. They laid him brawdawn alanglast bed...

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FDV: "There was plumbs and grooms and sheriffs and zitherers & raiders and cittamen too." →
"There was plumbs and grumes and sheriffs and citherers & raiders and cittamen too. And they all chimed in with the shoutmost shoviality."

There was plumbs and grumes and cheriffs and citherers and raiders and cinemen too.

SHSIS 54: song Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake: 'There was plums and prunes and cherries And citron and raisins, cinnamon, too... It would kill a man twice after taking a slice Of Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake' (also called Miss Hooligan's Christmas Cake)

Another song is alluded to, with "Christmas Cake" in the title, performed by 6yo James Joyce in 1888. [♬ plums&prunes&cherries, raisins&currants&cinnamon too]

song Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye: 'With drums and guns, and guns and drums' [♬ drums&guns&guns&drums]




cither: an ancient lyre-like musical instrument (hence, cither-players)


was "cittamen" Italian città = city

And all gianed in with the shoutmost shoviality.

FW1 has "the all"

song Phil the Fluter's Ball: 'and they all joined in with the utmost joviality'  []

Shavian = follower of GB Shaw

Agog and magog and the round of them agrog.

Gog and Magog: legendary giants in British folklore (their names being based on nations mentioned in the Old and New Testament, as well as in the Koran)

grog: a drink consisting of spirits and water

To the continuation of that celebration until Hanandhinnigan's extermination!


All the "-ation"s are (by consensus) indications of the Twelve (boring) Citizens, jurors, sometimes called the Sullivans, represented by the siglum "O".

Chinese Han Dynasty and their chief enemies the Huns

Danish: han, hun = he, she

FW2 "Hanandhinnigan's" "Hanandhunigan's"


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