Thursday, September 25, 2014

FW 1.9b --HCE's corpse extends under Dublin--

1.9a: Hurrah, there is but young gleve for the owl globe wheels in view which is tautaulogically...
1.9b: From Shopalist to Bailywick or from ashtun to baronoath or from Buythebanks to Roundthehead...
1.9c: And all the way (a horn!) from fjord to fjell his baywinds' oboboes shall wail him rockbound...
1.9d: With her issavan essavans and her patterjackmartins about all them inns and ouses. Tilling a teel...
1.9e: Whase on the joint of a desh? Finfoefom the Fush. Whase be his baken head? A loaf...
1.9f: But, lo, as you would quaffoff his fraudstuff and sink teeth through that pyth of a flowerwhite...
1.9g: Almost rubicund Salmosalar, ancient fromout the ages of the Agapemonides, he is smolten...

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FDV: "From Shopalist to Bailiwick or from Ashtun to baronsoath or from Long{?thebanks} to Roundthehead he swim, swam, swum."
"From Shopalist to Bailywick or from Ashtun to baronoath or from Buythebanks to Roundthehead he swim, swam, swum."

From Shopalist to Bailywick


shopping list
Chapelizod [wakepd]

Bailey Lighthouse on Howth Head
bailiwick: the area under the jurisdiction of a bailiff

or from ashtun to baronoath

(not capitalised)

Ashtown, nw of Phoenix Park
tun = cask (of ashes?)

baron oath (Magna Carta)

Irish barr an = the top of (...Howth)

or from Buythebanks to Roundthehead


by the banks
was "Longthebanks"?
(what banks near Phoenix Park? riverbanks? moneybanks?)

Howth Head
roundhead = supporter of Cromwell's Parliamentary party in English Civil War

cf "from swerve of shore to bend of bay"

or from the foot of the bill to ireglint's eye

(not capitalised)

phrase to foot the bill = to pay the bill (from foot = bottom line)
cf "bite at his ear" above = borrow money
foot of the hill

Ireland's Eye: a small island near Howth
glint of anger (ire) in eye (angry about being stuck with the bill?)
U-12's Citizen?

he calmly extensolies.

calmly (not angry or sad)
'sol' might hint at console, isolate, solace?
lies (reclines, but also tells falsehoods?)


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