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FW 1.7a --an islamic perspective on his fall--

1.7a: What then agentlike brought about that tragoady thundersday this municipal sin business?...
1.7b: Stay us wherefore in our search for tighteousness, O Sustainer, what time we rise and when...
1.7c: Otherways wesways like that provost scoffing bedoueen the jebel and the jpysian sea. Cropherb...
1.7d: It may half been a missfired brick, as some say, or it mought have been due to a collupsus...
1.7e: (what with the wallhall's horrors of rollsrights, carhacks, stonengens, kisstvanes, tramtrees...
1.7f: and the hoyse and the jollybrool and the peeler in the coat and the mecklenburk bitch bite...
1.7g: and the noobibusses sleighding along Safetyfirst Street and the derryjellybies snooping...
1.7h: of his ville's indigenous romekeepers, homesweepers, domecreepers, thurum and thurum...
1.7i: wan warning Phill filt tippling full. His howd feeled heavy, his hoddit did shake. (There was a wall...

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synopsis: the causes of his fall — he dies

added 1938

What then agentlike brought about that tragoady thuddersday this municipal sin business?

Dutch agent: policeman
German eigentlich: actually, really

Greek tragĂ´dia: tragedy (from Greek tragos: he-goat)
goat (associated with Thor)

Vico believed that thunder drove prehistoric men into caves

German Donnerstag: Thursday (literally 'Thunder's day')
FW1 had "thundersday" ('thudder' is challenging)

original sin

Our cubehouse still rocks as earwitness to the thunder of his arafatas

VI.B45.104: 'cubehouse'
Holland: The Story of Mohammed 22: (of Meccah) 'In the midst of the city stands a very ancient temple... The Kaabah, or Cube House, as this temple is called, is regarded by the Mohammedans as the most sacred place on earth' [ebook] [article]


eyewitness (ear/eye)

VI.B45.106: 'Mt Arafat thunderous'
The Story of Mohammed 52: 'In his early days as a shepherd Mohammed had lived much with nature; he had seen the pale dawn touch the grim summits of Mount Hira and Mount Arafat, had heard the thunder roll through the sounding passes of the hills'

Mt Arafat
Our Father: The Lord's Prayer

but we hear also through successive ages that shebby choruysh of unkalified muzzlehimissilehims

VI.B45.106: 'Sheb (rock)'
The Story of Mohammed 58: 'The mountains on the eastern side of Meccah rise very steeply, like cliffs, quite close to the town, and between their spurs are long narrow ravines called Shebs. The word Sheb means, in Arabic, a rock' (Arabic sheb = a ravine, not a rock)

shabby chorus of unqualified

VI.B45.109: 'Choraysh' (the entry is preceded by a cancelled 'K')
The Story of Mohammed 91: 'There were many exiles from Meccah, who had fled from the persecutions of the Kuraysh' (the ruling tribe at Meccah, to which Mohammed also belonged)

VI.B45.106: 'Khalif (successor)'
The Story of Mohammed 57: 'Like Abu Bakr, Omar became one of the Prophet's chief advisers; in after years they both succeeded him as head of Islam, or Khalif, a word which means Successor'

FW2: muzzlehimissilehims ← muzzlenimiissilehims (6 syllables, not 8)

archaic Mussulmen: Muslims

missiles (stones thrown in Muslim pilgrimage ceremony of 'pelting the devil', in memory of Abraham having similarly driven the devil away when tempted to disobey the command to sacrifice Isaac)

that would blackguardise the whitestone ever hurtleturtled out of heaven.

black, white (dark/fair)
whitest one

VI.B45.104: 'inblack stone' ('in-'?)
The Story of Mohammed 22: (of the Kaabah in Meccah) 'At the southeast corner of the building, near the only door, is inserted a mysterious Black Stone, which has been held in reverence by countless generations. A legend tells that it once fell from heaven, and was originally white, until the sins of the world changed it to its present colour'

hurtled, hurled
turtled = moved slowly


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