Monday, September 29, 2014

[Jacob, Esau and Isaac in FW]

Esau [fweet-38]


004.10 "What true feeling for their's hayair"
014.36 "and Hairyman the cornflowers"
414.28 "to there airy processes"
425.34 "I am altogether a chap too fly and hairyman"
454.19 "Hear, hairy ones!"
483.19 "hairytop on heeltipper"



483.19 "hairytop on heeltipper" (Jacob means 'one who takes by the heel' (Genesis 25:25-26))
563.08 "you cannot see whose heel he"
617.32 "wish it was me yonther heel."
620.13 "Heel trouble and heal travel."


004.10 "what strawng"
342.04 "the seers are the seers of"
407.13 "I heard a voice, the voce of Shaun"
483.03 "The gist is the gist of Shaum but the hand is"
487.04 "voices apart?"
487.21 "The voice"
602.12 "the voice of Roga."


003.10 "not yet, though venissoon after"
093.17 "your true venuson Esau"

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