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FW 1.5a --Finnegan's prehistory--

1.5a: Bygmester Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand, freemen's maurer, lived in the broadest way...
1.5b: (one yeastyday he sternely struxk his tete in a tub for to watsch the future of his fates...
1.5c: and during mighty odd years this man of hod, cement and edifices in Toper's Thorp...
1.5d: Oftwhile balbulous, mithre ahead, with goodly trowel in grasp and ivoroiled overalls...
1.5e: until he seesaw by neatlight of the liquor wheretwin 'twas born, his roundhead staple...
1.5f: erigenating from next to nothing and celescalating the himals and all, hierarchi­tecti­tipti­toploftical...

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synopsis: Tim Finnegan the masterbuilder — his tower?

FDV: "Bygmister Finnegan, builder, lived on the broadest way imaginable" →
"Bygmister Finnegan of the Stuttering Hand, builder, lived in the broadest way imarginable in his {rushlit} toofarback for messuages"

Bygmester Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand,

Norwegian: bygmester/byggmester: master builder, architect (bygge = to build)

Ibsen's play: Bygmester Solness (The Master Builder)

Parnell and Lewis Carroll stuttered [motif] hesitancy
trembling / handwriting (cf Mamafesta)
Tim Finnegan (not a master builder) was shaking from drink before he fell [song]
masturbation [motif]

farfetched: Nancy Hand's (pub) [info] (did the pub's sign ever depict a hand?)

freemen's maurer, lived in the broadest way immarginable

FDV: "builder"

German Freimaurer: freemason (used secret sign language)

German Maurer: bricklayer, mason

on Broadway
Matthew 7:13: 'Enter ye at the strait gate for... broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction'

"imaginable" → "imaginoble" (broad... noble)

in his rushlit toofarback for messuages

rushlight: candle made from rush dipped in grease

slang rushlight: liquor? [misreading?]

Dublin slang farback: maybe a tenement consisting of two back rooms instead of the usual one front and one back [cite]

what sort of dwellingplace is a "toofarback for messuages"? a hideout? (surely not a tower??)

messuage: dwelling house plus adjacent land and buildings (so far back it has no adjacent land or buildings?)

messages (Shaun the Post can't find it?)

before joshuan judges had given us numbers

Pentateuch/Torah = (Genesis, Exodus,) Leviticus, book of Numbers and Deuteronomy
followed by Joshua, Judges, (Samuel and Kings)


too far back in history for the sorts of messages that need numbers? pre-Biblical

or Helviticus committed deuteronomy

Latin Helveticus: Swiss (the typeface is later)

Claude Adrien Helvétius (1715-1771) author of heretical/burned philosophy book [wiki] or his ancestor Helvétius (Johan Friedrich Schweitzer): freethinker and alchemist


commit to writing
commit sin/crime

Deuteronomy (Hebrew name means 'book of words')


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