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[WG Wills and A Royal Divorce in FW]


WG Wills [ebooks] [wiki]

577.21? "from Neaves to Willses"

453.13 "Bollivar's troubles"
a new drama by W.G. Wills entitled "Bolivar; or, Life for Love"' 

A Royal Divorce [fweet-21]

032.32 "performance of the problem passion play of the millentury, running strong since creation, A Royal Divorce"
260.F06 "a royal divorce"

009.35 "for his royal divorsion"
243.35 "their loyal devouces"
315.01 "roalls davors"
348.15 "all our royal devouts"
365.29 "a reyal devouts"
388.07 "in their old plyable of A Royenne Devours"
423.03 "his loyal divorces"
455.26 "the Royal Revolver"
616.15 "His real devotes"

the entire FW17 monologue bears some similarities to Josephine's dying speech in W.G. Wills's A Royal Divorce

W.W. Kelly

Wills's A Royal Divorce was touted as 'the most successful historical play of the century' when toured by Kelly's company in the early 20th century

032.29 "Mr Wallenstein Washington Semperkelly's immergreen tourers"
365.30 "olderman K.K. Alwayswelly"
372.14 "the Wobbleton Whiteleg Welshers kailly-"
383.20 "the wardorse moved, by courtesy of Mr Deaubaleau"

214.15 "the ghostwhite horse of the"
Pepper's ghost: a theatrical illusion created using a reflective glass and special lighting (used in the Waterloo scene W.G. Wills's A Royal Divorce?)

Wellington's horse Copenhagen (was not white, whereas Napoleon's was; but the horse used for Wellington in W.W. Kelly's production of the Waterloo scene of W.G. Wills's A Royal Divorce was indeed white)

1891: London premiere of Kelly's production of Wills' "A Royal Divorce" [fweet-20] [review]
opening night review

1898: WW Kelly boasts his touring company has brought Royal Divorce to Manchester 28 times, and Liverpool 26 times in five years [cite]

1909 playbill

1926: silent film of "A Royal Divorce" [imdb]

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