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[Phoenix Park in FW]

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Hole in the Wall [streetview now]

069.05 "the whole of"
090.21 "the whole"
244.20 "With Nancy Hands."
365.16 "wholenosing at a whallhoarding"
376.24 "hance off nancies"
382.27 "the stout ship Nansy Hans"

069.24 "the iron gape"

Wellington Monument [streetview now] [pix]

008.01 "now Wallinstone national"
008.35 "Willingdone mormorial tallowscoop"
567.02 "to the Wellington"595.22 "vellumtomes muniment"

the overgrown milestone
036.18 "his duc de Fer's overgrown milestone"
056.12 "that overgrown leadpencil"
322.33 "the millestones of"
504.32 "overthrown milestones"

erected on the site of the old Salute Battery
025.17 "chips chepped from that battery"

Magazine Fort? [streetview now?]
Magazine Wall

007.31 "by the mund of the magazine wall"
007.34 "the fort"
012.35 "from the macroborg"
553.24 "a magicscene wall"

Swift: Epigram on the Magazine (in Phoenix Park): 'Behold a proof of Irish sense! Here Irish wit is seen! Where nothing's left that's worth defence, They build a magazine'
012.36 "Behove this"

*Gough statue [map] [streetview now]

211.25 "blind and gouty Gough"
271.29 "garden Gough gave"
334.18 "our own one's goff stature"
357.31 "a general golf stature"

Castleknock Gate [streetview now]
Castleknock, in a cemetery west of Phoenix Park (site of the battle where Finn MacCool's father, Cumhal, was killed)

003.22 "their upturnpikepointandplace is at the knock out in the park"
091.34 "the halfkneed castleknocker's"379.01 "Knockcastle!"
538.14 "two claps on the cansill, or three pock pocks cassey"

Butcher's Wood [streetview now]

080.08 "that dangerfield circling butcherswood"
Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, Mr Dangerfield (alias Charles Archer) stuns Dr Sturk in Butcher's Wood

Mountjoy Barrack


Knockmaroon Gate [streetview now]

015.04 "of Knockmaroon"

Glen Pond

Furry Glen [streetview now]

135.02 "feeling fain and furry, the mayds was midst the haw-"
340.09 "Here furry"
357.32 "howthern folleys"
526.22 "the trefoll of the furry"
553.22 "a hawthorndene, a feyrieglenn"

Oldtown Wood

Quarry Lake

Chesterfield Road

553.19 "I fenced it about with huge Chesterfield elms"
Lord Chesterfield, when Lord-Lieutenant (i.e. Viceroy) of Ireland, planted an avenue elms in Phoenix Park
564.10 "The straight road down the centre (see relief map)"
564.10+    Chesterfield Road bisects Phoenix Park, with Viceregal Lodge and Chief Secretary's Lodge on either side of it

The White Fields

Undersecretary's Lodge

Ashtown Gate [streetview now]
(cf phoenix-birds' ashes)

006.33 "from ashtun to baronoath"
129.24 "Kolonsreagh, Seapoint, Quayhowth, Ashtown, Ratheny"

The Wilderness

Phoenix Column [streetview now]
('the area where the monument is located was once known as Beau-Belle-Walk and it was here that the elegantly clad ladies of the city gentry took the air on fine summer evenings in the eighteenth century')

405.13 "the Bel of Beaus'"

Chief Secretary's Lodge

The Fifteen Acres

135.21 "his great wide cloak lies on fifteen acres"

Drummond Institute


Knockmary [streetview now?]

? 260.F04         2 Mater Mary Mercerycordial of the Dripping Nipples, milk's a queer
–260.F04+    Saint Mary's Hospital, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Chapelizod & Br.
Site of a King's Ho.


Chapelizod Gate [streetview now]

Camp Ground

Royal Hibernian

Pump Wood

Viceregal Lodge (when Tim Healy was Governor-General of the Irish Free State (1922-8), Dubliners called the Viceregal Lodge in Phoenix Park 'Healiopolis')

024.18 "in Healiopolis"
335.07 "how Holispolis went to Parkland"

Half Mile Hollow [streetview now???]

034.20 "the rushy hollow"
067.31 "those rushy hollow heroines"
136.34 "in the hollow of the park"
565.02 "called Holl Hollow... banders" (used by the Dublin Metropolitan Police band)
607.27 "to the hothehill from the hollow"


012.23 "playing Wharton's Folly"
Wharton's Folly: 'The Star Fort', an unfinished fortress in Phoenix Park, built by Viceroy Wharton on high ground, now between the Magazine Fort and the Zoo (a term also spuriously attributed to the Magazine Fort, despite it being built twenty years after Wharton's death)
246.04 "Between the starfort and the thornwood brass"
Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, ch. 98: 'His usual path was by the Star Fort, and through the thorn woods between that and the Magazine'

Zoological Gardens [random one of many streetview paths]

244.17 "Zoo koud!"
564.06 "zoopark?"

Marlborough Barracks

005.35 "and the merlinburrow burrocks"

Island Bridge Gate [streetview now]

170.29 "between Leixlip and Island Bridge"

People's Gardens [random spot in rich streetview now]

033.27 "in the people's park"

City Gate [streetview now]

260.12    querfixing Gainsborough Carfax, under Guido
260.12+    ((D) descend to A (main gate of Phoenix Park))

Chapelizod in 1906, looking WNW
Mullingar House [streetview now]

Phoenix Tavern
Salmon House
Brass Castle

Brass Castle

the house by the churchyard [streetview now]

034.08 "the old house for the chargehard"
096.07 "the old house by the churpelizod"
213.01 "Lefanu (Sheridan's) old House by the Coachyard"
221.15 "whouse be the churchyard"
245.36 "De oud huis bij de kerkegaard."
454.36 "No petty family squabbles Up There nor homemade hurricanes in our Cohortyard"
621.34 "In the church by the hearseyard."

Race Course

Bailiff's Lodge

The Ashwood

Mt. Hybla



The Stretch

Mount Sackville Convent

Cabra Gate
9 Acres
Black Wood
Whitebridge Hill
Isolde's Hill
Rowing Club House
Island Bridge
Bishop's Wood
Constabulary Barracks
Circular Road G
Military Infirmary
Lucan Tram Terminus
Royal Hospital

Phoenix Brewery

Phoenix Tavern

phoenix bird


004.17 "a setdown secular phoenish"
006.27 "finisky"
023.16 "O foenix culprit!"
024.11 "and may again when the fiery bird disembers"

024.18 "only lose yourself in Healiopolis"
when Tim Healy was Governor-General of the Irish Free State (1922-8), Dubliners called the Viceregal Lodge in Phoenix Park 'Healiopolis'

027.13 "a tourch of ivy to rekindle the flame on Felix"
038.04 "a bottle of Phenice-Bruerie '98"
055.28 "phoenix in our woodlessness"
059.18 "Ashreborn"
088.24 "Eiffel, the very phoenix!"
128.35 "phoenix be his pyre"
130.12 "nished"
135.15 "a bird of Arabia"
136.34 "he soared in the vaguum of the phoenix"
205.25 "Phoenix Tavern"
219.02 "Feenichts Playhouse"
265.08 "the phoenix,"
283.F05 "Run, Phoenix, run!"
321.16 "by night in the Phoenix!"
322.20 "from spark to phoenish"
332.31 "between phoenix his"
335.07 "how Holispolis went to Parkland"
342.18 "Holophullopopu-"
346.35 "Colporal Phailinx"
382.04 "Phoenix brewery stout"
473.16 "The phaynix rose"

473.17 "Shoot up on that, bright Bennu bird!"
Bennu bird: phoenix (Budge: The Book of the Dead)

473.18 "Eftsoon so too will our own sphoenix spark spirt his spyre"
504.23 "bird flamingans"
530.16 "the Heliopolitan constabu-"
590.05 "never again, by Phoenis"
593.04 "Phlenxty, O rally!"
594.08 "Even unto Heliotropolis"
608.32 "the Phoenican wakes"
610.08 "our ervics fenicitas"
621.01 "It's Phoenix, dear."

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