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FW 1.5d --HCE as engineer--

1.5a: Bygmester Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand, freemen's maurer, lived in the broadest way...
1.5b: (one yeastyday he sternely struxk his tete in a tub for to watsch the future of his fates...
1.5c: and during mighty odd years this man of hod, cement and edifices in Toper's Thorp...
1.5d: Oftwhile balbulous, mithre ahead, with goodly trowel in grasp and ivoroiled overalls...
1.5e: until he seesaw by neatlight of the liquor wheretwin 'twas born, his roundhead staple...
1.5f: erigenating from next to nothing and celescalating the himals and all, hierarchi­tecti­tipti­toploftical...

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FDV: "Though oftwhile balbulous"

Oftwhile balbulous, mithre ahead,

Latin balbulus: somewhat stuttering

Balbus: a Roman said to have built a wall in Gaul, probably in some Latin primer (PoA I: 'Balbus was building a wall') [ebook]

bibulous: addicted to drinking

Scottish mither: mother

(bishop's) mitre on head

mitre, trowel, overalls (mason's tools and clothes [.18])

with goodly trowel in grasp and ivoroiled overalls which he habitacularly fondseed,


obsolete trow: faith, belief


ivory (white)

(oilskin overalls)


Latin habitaculum: dwelling place

archaic habits: clothes, attire

habitually fancied

French fond: foundation

seed: sperm

like Haroun Childeric Eggeberth,


Harun al-Rashid: Caliph of Baghdad in TTNN

two Frankish kings were called Childeric

child, egg, birth

Egbert: a 9th century West-Saxon king

FW1 omits the comma

he would caligulate by multiplicables the alltitude and malltitude

VI.B14.72: 'Caligula gathers shell on shore'
BSMSP 43: 'Caligula... determined at length, as Suetonius humorously observes, "to make war in earnest; he drew up his army on the shore of the ocean... and... commanded them to gather up sea shells... calling them 'the spoils of the ocean'"'

Saint Patrick's father, Calphurnius, supposedly maintained a lighthouse at Boulogne built by Caligula (mentioned in BSMSP 43-46)

calculate by multiplication


altitude and multitude

slang in one's altitudes: drunk




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