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[The Guinness family in FW]

004.24 er was eviparated and all the guenneses had met their exodus so
–004.24+ Guinness

006.27 of finisky fore his feet. And a barrowload of guenesis hoer his head.
–006.27+ Guinness's

009.01 is me Belchum sneaking his phillippy out of his most Awful
–009.01+ Arthur Guinness, Sons and Company, Ltd

009.18 as sooner buy a guinness than he'd stale store stout. This is Roo-

016.31 have sylvan coyne, a piece of oak. Ghinees hies good
–016.31+ phrase Guinness is good for you (advertisement)

024.35 and Nobucketnozzler and the Guinnghis Khan. And we'll be
–024.35+ Guinness

029.03 a deadlop (aloose!) to lee but lifting a bennbranch a yardalong
–029.03+ Benjamin Lee Guinness: first Baronet Guinness, 19th century Irish brewer, politician and philanthropist (father of Arthur Edward and Edward Cecil)
–029.03+ first Baron Ardilaun: Arthur Edward Guinness, 19th-20th century Irish politician and philanthropist (son of Benjamin Lee and brother of Edward Cecil)

029.04 (ivoeh!) on the breezy side (for showm!), the height of Brew-
–029.04+ first Earl of Iveagh: Edward Cecil Guinness, 19th-20th century Irish businessman and philanthropist (son of Benjamin Lee and brother of Arthur Edward)

035.15 as gaily as you please) hardily accosted him with: Guinness thaw
–035.15+ Guinness

044.12 Bug Dan Lop, Lex, Lax, Gunne or Guinn. Some apt him Arth,
–044.12+ Arthur Guinness

059.07 baquets on lallance a talls mean), she hoped Sid Arthar would
–059.07+ Sir Arthur Guinness

064.33 musclebound from being too pulled. Noah Beery weighed stone
–064.33+ (Guinness beer [549.34])

071.04 pick, compiled, while he mourned the flight of his wild guineese,
–071.04+ Guinness

071.23 Ribbonmen, Lobsterpot Lardling, All for Arthur of this Town,
–071.23+ Sir Arthur Guinness

082.08 we purposely say nothing of the stiff, both parties having an
–082.08+ (three Dublin churches were restored with money given by distillers ('both having interest in the spirits'): Christ Church Cathedral [.19] by Henry Roe, Saint Patrick's by a Guinness family member, Parnell Square Presbyterian Church by Findlater)

088.20 majar bore too? Iguines. And with tumblerous legs, redipnomi-
–088.20+ a Guinness

090.13 there was. Foght. On the site of the Angel's, you said? Guinney's
–090.13+ Guinness

099.03 cern of the Guinnesses. But only the ruining of the rain has
–099.03+ Guinness

106.30 Will That Bowal Relieve, Allfor Guineas, Sounds and Compliments
–106.30+ Arthur Guinness, Sons and Company, Ltd

129.10 ejoculated abrood; as it gan in the biguinnengs so wound up in
–129.10+ Guinness

131.03 boat in his keep; B.V.H., B.L.G., P.P.M., T.D.S., V.B.D.,
–131.03+ Benjamin Lee Guinness (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin, 1861)

134.20 earned in Watling Street; his birth proved accidental shows his
–134.20+ Watling Street borders on Guinness's Brewery

136.23 brugh to new customs, doffing the gibbous off him to every
–136.23+ old Guinness steam barge on Liffey, lowering funnel at bridges

140.01 Le Mieux not Benjamin's Lea not Tholomew's Whaddingtun
–140.01+ Benjamin Lee Guinness of Guinness brewery

140.11 the world, b) the most expensive brewing industry in the world,
–140.11+ b) Guinness's Brewery

140.32 my east hand and a James's Gate in my west, after all the errears
–140.32+ Guinness's Brewery, James's Gate, Dublin (west of Watling Street)

141.06 Shand praise gon ness our fayst moan neople, our prame Shan-
–141.06+ Guinness

187.17 been plutherotested so enough of such porterblack lowneess, too
–187.17+ Guinness porter (dark brown)

190.17 so much a week pro anno (Guinness's, may I remind, were just
–190.17+ Joyce's father urged James to seek a clerkship in Guinness's (Father Butt in James Joyce: Stephen Hero thought similarly; so did Stanislaus)
–190.17+ phrase Guinness is good for you (advertisement)

204.09 birch canoedler not to mention a bulgic porterhouse barge. And
–204.09+ (old Guinness steam barge)

212.01 Yuinness or Yennessy, Laagen or Niger, for Festus King and
–212.01+ Guinness

236.25 lings and guineas have been replaced by brooks and lions and
–236.25+ Joyce's father was secretary of United Liberal Club in Dublin during 1880 general election; the Liberal candidates, Maurice Brookes and Dr Robert Dyer Lyons, ousted the Conservatives, Sir Arthur E. Guinness and James Stirling (mentioned in Ellmann: James Joyce 16-17)

237.07 leichtly as see saw (O my goodmiss! O my greatmess! O my
–237.07+ 'My goodness, my Guinness!' (advert, 1930s)

240.13 redecant allbigenesis henesies. He, by bletchendmacht of the golls,
–240.13+ Guinness

258.08 harks, by our brews, on our jambses, in his gaits. To Mezou-
–258.08+ James' Gate, Dublin (Guinness Brewery)

264.27 have a hoig view ashwald, a glen of marrons
–264.27+ Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Guinness, Hon. Arthur Ernest, Glenmaroon'

272.25 same Messherrn the grinning statesmen, Brock
–272.25+ Joyce's father was secretary of United Liberal Club in Dublin during 1880 general election; the Liberal candidates, Maurice Brookes and Dr Robert Dyer Lyons, ousted Sir Arthur Guinness and James Stirling

285.L03 Arthurgink's
–285.L03+ Arthur Guinness

299.30 copperads. Ever thought about Guinness's?
–299.30+ Joyce's father urged James to seek a clerkship in Guinness's (Father Butt in James Joyce: Stephen Hero thought similarly)

307.01 Visit to Guinness' Brewery, Clubs, Advan-
–307.01+ Guinness's

309.01     It may not or maybe a no concern of the Guinnesses but.
–309.01+ 'No concern of the Guinnesses?': subtitle given to opening of I.2 when published in Transition Stories (1929)
–309.01+ concerning the genesis [030.02] [099.02-.03]
–309.01+ Genesis

325.04     Art thou gainous sense uncompetite! Limited. Anna Lynchya
–325.04+ Arthur Guinness, Sons and Company, Ltd

333.17 is a cook in his hair. And the juinnesses is a rapin his hind. And
–333.17+ Guinness'

345.22 doubt, have resulted in a momstchance ministring of another guid-
–345.22+ phrase Guinness is good for you (advertisement)

361.03 stoops at nothing. And till Arthur comes againus and sen pea-
–361.03+ Sir Arthur Guinness

361.05 Shares in guineases! There's lovely the sight! Surey me, man
–361.05+ Guinness's

362.03 agreed them, roasted malts with toasted burleys, in condomnation
–362.03+ roasted barley malt used in making Guinness

372.07 rand, a barttler of the beauyne, still our benjamin liefest, some-
–372.07+ Benjamin Lee Guinness, brewer

373.25 up, distillery! Broree aboo! Run him a johnsgate down jameses-
–373.25+ Guinness Brewery, James's Gate, Dublin

382.03 cundenances, no matter whether it was chateaubottled Guiness's
–382.03+ Guinness's stout

403.01     Hark!
–403.01+ (CHAPTER: a barrel of Guinness rolling down (or up) the river Liffey; in Boucicault's Arrah-na-Pogue, Shaun the Post gives his wedding speech standing on a barrel)

407.03 every time he was for doing dirt to a meal or felt like a bottle of
–407.03+ bottle of Guinness (as Sir Arthur Guinness became Baron Ardilaun)

408.27 hall pair that won the swimmyease bladdhers at the Guinness
408.28 gala in Badeniveagh. I ought not to laugh with him on this stage.
–408.28+ Iveagh Baths, Dublin (Baron Iveagh was brother of Sir Arthur Guinness)

414.12 care of one of Mooseyeare Goonness's registered andouterthus
–414.12+ Monsieur Guinness's

420.22 Dangerous. Tax 9d. B.L. Guineys, esqueer. L.B. Not known at
–420.22+ Benjamin Lee Guinness, brewer

420.36 Since Cabranke. Seized of the Crownd. Well, Sir Arthur. Buy
–420.36+ Sir Arthur Guinness

421.26 I be accentually called upon for a dieoguinnsis to pass my opinions,
–421.26+ Guinness

443.32 in his holder, with a good job and pension in Buinness's, what
–443.32+ Guinness's

471.36 export stout fellow that you are, the crooner born with sweet
–471.36+ Guinness Export Stout

482.19 of his Posthorn in the High Street, that was shooing a Guiney
–482.19+ pint of Guinness

497.27 borthday, the grand old Magennis Mor, Persee and Rahli, taker
–497.27+ Guinness

498.14 in epheud and ordilawn and his diamondskulled granddaucher,
–498.14+ Iveagh and Ardilaun: sons of Benjamin Lee Guinness (brewing)

510.13    — Now from Gunner Shotland to Guinness Scenography.

521.14 lame or Jamesy's gait, anyhow?
–521.14+ Guinness's Brewery, James's Gate, Dublin

547.35 igone, imorgans, and for ervigheds: base your peak, you! you,
–547.35+ (Guinness barge lowering funnel to pass under Liffey bridges)

549.34 Owel with cortoppled baskib, Sire Noeh Guinnass, exposant of
–549.34+ Sir R. Noel Guinness: early 20th century Dublin official
–549.34+ Sir Arthur Guinness and James Stirling ousted by Liberals in 1880 general election, when Joyce's father was secretary of United Liberal Club, Dublin
–549.34+ Guinness (Cluster: Lord-Mayors of Dublin)
–549.34+ Guinness barges on Liffey

552.23 her paddypalace on the crossknoll with massgo bell, sixton
–552.23+ Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, restored by Benjamin Lee Guinness

557.11 tocher of ivileagh, for her to whisht, you sowbelly, and the
–557.11+ Lord Iveagh: Edward Cecil Guinness, philanthropist

565.10 blotting, you retchad, like a verry jerry! Niet? Will you a gui-
–565.10+ Guinness

574.31 sour dozen of stout fellows all of whom were curiously named
–574.31+ a dozen of stout: crate of Guinness bottles

588.05 hardalone wiv his defences down during his wappin stillstand,
–588.05+ Lord Ardilaun of Guinness's

593.17 announcing to pewtewr publikumst of pratician pratyusers, gen-
–593.17+ phrase Guinness is good for you (advertisement)

621.08 Arctur guiddus! Isma! Sft! It is the softest morning that ever I
–621.08+ Sir Arthur Guinness

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