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FW 1.11f --soldiers and mountains and girls--

1.11: patterns
1.11a: This the way to the museyroom. Mind your hats goan in! Now yiz are in the Willingdone Museyroom...
1.11b: Saloos the Crossgunn! Up with your pike and fork! Tip. (Bullsfoot! Fine!) This is the triplewon hat of Lipoleum...
1.11c: This is the big Sraughter Willingdone, grand and magentic in his goldtin spurs and his ironed dux...
1.11d: This is the three lipoleum boyne grouching down in the living detch. This is an inimyskilling inglis...
1.11e: This is the petty lipoleum boy that was nayther bag nor bug. Assaye, assaye! Touchole Fitz Tuomush...
1.11f: This is Delian alps. This is Mont Tivel, this is Mont Tipsey, this is the Grand Mons Injun. This is the crimealine...
1.11g: The jinnies is a cooin her hand and the jinnies is a ravin her hair and the Willingdone git the band up...
1.11h: This is me Belchum sneaking his phillippy out of his most toocisive bottle of Tilsiter. This is the libel...
1.11i: That was the tictacs of the jinnies for to fontannoy the Willingdone. Shee, shee, shee! The jinnies...
1.11k: This is bode Belchum, bonnet to busby, breaking his secred word with a ball up his ear to the Willingdone...
1.11l: Cherry jinnies. Figtreeyou! Damn fairy ann, Voutre. Willingdone. That was the first joke of Willingdone...
1.11m: This is Rooshious balls. This is a ttrinch. This is mistletropes. This is Canon Futter with the popynose. After...
1.11n: . This is the Willingdone, by the splinters of Cork, order fire. Tonnerre! (Bullsear! Play!) This is camelry...
1.11o: Almeidagad! Arthiz too loose! This is Willingdone cry. Brum! Brum! Cumbrum! This is jinnies cry...
1.11p: This is jinnies rinning away to their ousterlists dowan a bunkersheels. With a nip nippy nip and a trip trippy trip...
1.11q: This is the bissmark of the marathon merry of the jinnies they left behind them. This is the Willingdone branlish...
1.11r: This is the pettiest of the lipoleums, Toffeethief, that spy on the Willingdone from his big white harse...
1.11s: This is hiena hinnessy laughing alout at the Willingdone. This is lipsyg dooley krieging the funk...
1.11t: This is the wixy old Willingdone picket up the half of the threefoiled hat of lipoleums fromoud of the bluddle...
1.11u: That was the last joke of Willingdone. Hit, hit, hit! This is the same white harse of the Willingdone, Culpenhelp...
1.11v: This is the seeboy, madrashattaras, upjump and pumpim, cry to the Willingdone: Ap Pukkaru! Pukka Yurap!...
1.11w: This is the dooforhim seeboy blow the whole of the half of the hat of lipoleums off of the top of the tail...

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FDV: "This is the Delian alps sheltershocking the three lipoleums behind a crimmealine."

This is Delian alps.

Delia: a name applied to the Greek goddess Artemis, after the island of Delos, her birth-place

Delian League: Greek confederacy under the leadership of Athens, organised 478 B.C.

Delian = the lying?

Julian Alps, North Italy


This is Mont Tivel, this is Mont Tipsey, this is the grand Mons Injun.

he fell

Latin ipse: he himself; just, mere
Battle of Ipsus, 301 B.C. (battles)

Battle of Mons, 1914 (battles)

Mont Saint Jean: the name the English army gave to Waterloo, from the village which Napoleon thought the key to Wellington's position


longshot: Battle of San Juan Hill, 1898 (battles)


This is the crimealine of the alps hooping to sheltershock the three lipoleums.

Crimean War (battles)
crinoline used for hoop-petticoats


hoping to shelter


This is the jinnies with their legahorns

Wellington had a mistress whom GB Shaw called Jenny for some reason, whose real name was Harriette Wilson, a courtesan who published Memoirs that say Wellington looked like a ratcatcher. In 1824, before publication, her publisher sent letters to her former beaux, demanding £200 in exchange for their exclusion from the memoirs; Wellington is alleged to have returned the letter with the words "Write, and be damned!" scrawled on it.

jenny: a pair of compasses, having the point of one leg bent inwards

VI.B10.108: 'leghorn'
Leghorn: an English name for Livorno, Italy (seized by Napoleon in 1796)
leghorn: a type of straw hat (so called after Livorno from where it was imported)

longshot: Battle of the Little Bighorn, 1876 (battles)

feinting to read in their handmade's book of stralegy

feint: to make a diversionary attack



Italian strale: arrow

while making their war undisides the Willingdone.

phrase make water: to urinate

colloquial undies: women's underwear
on this side


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