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[Parnell in FW]


PoA1: "Dante had two brushes in her press. The brush with the maroon velvet back was for Michael Davitt and the brush with the green velvet back was for Parnell." "...Dante had ripped the green velvet back off the brush that was for Parnell one day with her scissors and had told him that Parnell was a bad man." " A wail of sorrow went up from the people. Parnell! Parnell! He is dead! They fell upon their knees, moaning in sorrow." "Let him remember too, cried Mr Casey to her from across the table, the language with which the priests and the priests' pawns broke Parnell's heart and hounded him into his grave... When he was down they turned on him to betray him and rend him like rats in a sewer... not long before the chief died. ...Before he was killed, you mean. ...She kept dancing along beside me in the mud bawling and screaming into my face: Priesthunter! The Paris Funds! Mr Fox! Kitty O'Shea! ...He was for Ireland and Parnell... We are an unfortunate priestridden race and always were and always will be till the end of the chapter... Are we not to follow the man that was born to lead us? ...A traitor to his country! replied Dante. A traitor, an adulterer! The priests were right to abandon him. The priests were always the true friends of Ireland. ...Devil out of hell! We won! We crushed him to death! Fiend! ...Poor Parnell! he cried loudly. My dead king!"

Isaac Butt

003.11 "kidscad buttended a bland old isaac:" (Parnell ousted Isaac Butt from leadership of Irish Nationalist (Home Rule) party in 1877)

254.13 "Isaac's, the lauphed butt one"

421.04 "Key at Kate's. Kiss. Isaac's Butt, Poor Man."

529.17 "Butt and Hocksett's"

621.19 "the one from Isaacsen's slooped its line." (Loopline railway bridge alongside Butt Bridge, named after Isaac Butt)

Paris funds

192.08 "the Parish funds, me schamer, man, that you kittycoaxed"

Kitty O'Shea [her memoir] [v2]

049.28 "his mate of the Sheawolving"
182.30 "The house O'Shea or O'Shame"
192.08 "you kittycoaxed"
288.09 "the shee"
290.01 "Shee"
290.05 "O Shee"
536.36 "O Shee!"

codenamed 'Satellite' [cite]

583.14 "O, O, her fairy setalite!"

fire escape
(misunderstood evidence from Captain O'Shea's cook, Caroline Pethers, gave the impression that he had used a fire escape to leave Mrs O'Shea's room in his nightshirt when surprised)

004.36 "a skyerscape"
388.03 "fairescapading in his natsirt"
460.10 "just your caroline for you"

Chief [fweet-102]

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