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[Thunder in FW]

thunder [fweet-165]
flash [fweet-49]
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bolt [fweet-30]
crash [fweet-17]

thunder and lightning

339.16 "Tenter and likelings." (Japanese tento: thunder)
347.34 "his tinder and lighting"
415.20 "Fudder and lighting"
607.26 "lightening thund"

003.15 100-letter thunderword
003.15+    Hungarian dörgés: thunder
003.15+    Hindustani gargarahat, karak: thunder
003.15+    Arabic ra'd: thunder
003.15+    VI.B.11.013? (o): 'kaminari thunder' [475.02]
003.15+    Japanese kaminari: thunder
003.15+    Finnish ukkonen: thunder
003.15+    Greek brontê: thunder
003.15+    French tonnerre: thunder
003.16+    Italian tuono: thunder
003.16+    Dialect thunner: thunder
003.16+    Portuguese trovão: thunder
003.16+    Swedish åska: thunder
003.16+    Danish torden: thunder
003.16+    Irish tórnach: thunder

007.20 "the brontoichthyan form" (Greek brontê)
007.22 "stream that Bronto loved" (Greek bronton: thundering)
009.23 "Tonnerre!" (French tonnerre (also expletive))

023.05 100-letter thunderword
023.05+    Lettish perkons: thunder
023.06+    Breton kurun: thunder–023.06+    Persian barg: thunder
023.06+    Lithuanian griauja: it thunders
023.06+    Turkish gök gürliy or: thundering sky
023.06+    Russian grom gremit: thunder thunders
023.06+    Malay guntur: thunder
023.07+    Icelandic thruma: thunder
023.07+    Rumanian thuna: thunder
023.07+    Kiswahili radi: thunder
023.07+    Lithuanian Dialect dundulis: thunder (Samogitian dialect)
023.07+    Samoan faititily: thunder
023.07+    Albanian bumulloj: thunder
023.07+    Finnish ukkonen: thunder

035.31 "the ten ton tonuant thunderous tenor toller" (Italian tonante: thundering)
048.23 "Tuonisonian" (Italian suonanti tuoni: thundering thunders)
087.32 "O'Donner" (German Donner)
116.32 "grunted and gromwelled" (Russian grom)
134.22 "bewitthered" (German Gewitter: thunderstorm, storm, weather)
148.22 "their trons of Uian" (Provençal tron: thunderclap)
167.34 "will not feel my fulmoon" (Latin fulmen: thunderbolt)
187.15 "Polthergeistkotzdondherhoploits!" (Dutch donder)
228.36 "turdenskaulds!" (Danish tordenshjold: thunder shield)
243.33 "for the hnor of Hrom" (Czech hrom)
258.04 "Fulgitudes ejist rowdownan tonuout." (Latin tonuit: thundered)
261.16 "denary, danery, donnery, domm" (German Donner)
262.12 "At furscht kracht of thunder." (German kracht: crashes)
274.08 "daring Dunderhead" (Dutch donder)
284.20 "the contonuation" (Latin tono: I thunder forth)
299.11 "Who in the name of thunder'd ever belevin you were that bolt?" (Archaic levin: lightning)
314.28 "those sohns of a blitzh call the tuone tuone" (Italian tuono)
314.29 "thonder alout" (Ulster Pronunciation thonder)
323.09 "after Donnerbruch fire" (German Donner)
323.21 "Drumadunderry" (Norwegian dunder: noise, thunder)
323.26 "its doomed crack of the old damn ukonnen" (Finnish ukkonen)
323.32 "Toni Lampi" (Italian tuoni: thunders)
327.15 "when that mallaura's over" (Rhaeto-Romanic malaura: storm, bad weather, thunderstorm)
327.21 "the pianutunar" (Rhaeto-Romanic tunar: to sound, thunder)
329.35 "the rain of Tarar" (Welsh taran)
338.19 "laut-lievtonant" (tonant: Latin tonans: thundering)
339.21 "Grozarktic!" (Russian groza: thunderstorm)
351.32 "Lightnints Gundhur Sawabs" (Malay guntur)
353.17 "untuoning" (Italian tuoni: thunders)
353.22 "the grisning of the grosning" (Russian groza: thunderstorm)
449.02 "on the fulmament he gaped" (Latin fulmen: thunderbolt)
486.27 "trenned tomorrow" (Cornish trenna: to thunder)
499.33 "Donnerbruck Fire" (German Donner)
511.17 "perkumiary" (Lithuanian perkunas: thunder, thunderclap)
513.12 "Taranta boontoday!" (Cornish, Welsh taran)
525.20 "A dondhering vesh vish" (Dutch dondervisch: thunder fish)
588.20 "his fulmenbomb" (Latin fulmen: lightning; thunderbolt)
596.03 "blundering dunderfunder" (Dutch donder)
598.05 "Nuctumbulumbumus" (cumulonimbus: thundercloud)
599.12 "intermittences of sullemn fulminance" (Latin fulmen: thunderbolt)
606.15 "askan your blixom on dimmen and blastun" (Swedish åskan: the thunder)
607.29 "Loftonant-Cornel Blaire" (tonant: thundering)
613.28 "The folgor of the frightfools" (Italian folgore: thunderbolt, lightning flash)
623.24 "adondering" (Dutch donderen: to thunder)
624.05 "when I heard Thy voice, ruddery dunner, so loud" (German Donner)

005.13 "that tragoady thundersday" (German Donnerstag: Thursday, literally 'Thunder's day')
005.15 "to the thunder of his arafatas" (VI.B.45.106a: 'Mt Arafat thunderous')
011.04 "Thon's flash with his Nixy girls or when Thon's blowing toomcracks down the gaels of Thon."
014.19 "(bolt, in sum)"
018.16 "Oye am thonthorstrok, thing mud." (thunderstruck)
052.31 "stealing his thunder"
056.33* "Whose in thunder and weddin and soddin and order are the placewheres?"
057.15 "wonderstruck us as a thunder, yunder"
060.21 "his shadowers torrifried by the potent bolts of indradiction" (Buddha, meditating under tree, was suspected to be Indra, the thunder-god)
062.14 "Him Which Thundereth From On High"
065.34 "With which clap, trap and soddenment"
071.33 "Thunder and Turf Married into Clandorf"
080.28 "the wood that Jove bolt, at his rude word" (Jove's thunderbolt)
093.26 "stealing tinder"
095.16 "puffing out his thundering"
106.15 "Thonderbalt"
117.03 "The lightning look"
117.05 "a good clap"
127.16 "threatens thunder upon malefactors"
131.14 "speared the rod and spoiled the lightning"
135.25 "the bombolts"
140.17 "the tenderbolts of my rivets"
152.01 "rouse a thunder from"
155.20 "This foluminous" (fulminous: pertaining to thunder and lightning)
162.03 "a thunpledrum mistake" (thunder beginning Vico's first age)
167.22 "The thundering legion has stormed Olymp"
175.08 "sentenced to Worms, Blood and Thunder for Life" (Adam and Eve after the Fall)
185.27 "conformant to the fulminant firman" (fulminant: developing suddenly; thundering)
194.14 "tremours of Thundery"
209.12 "And where in thunder did she plunder?"
221.20 "Messrs Thud and Blunder"
227.06 "she herds if a tinkle of tunder"
241.02 "lossassinated by summan" (Summanus: Latin god of nocturnal thunderbolts)
242.20 "samhar tionnor falls some make one noise" (summer thunder?)
245.26 "Bong. Bangbong. Thunderation!"
246.07 "In thundercloud periwig." (Le Fanu: House by the Churchyard, prologue: (Lord-Lieutenants wear) 'a thunder-cloud periwig')

263.F03 "We dont hear the booming cursowarries, we wont fear the fletches of fightning" (VI.B.45.148g: 'cassowary = thunder' noise of birdcall)

283.13 "trumblers"
284.14 "pthwndxrclzp!"
289.08 "their ancient flash and crash habits of old"
294.26 "thunder and turf" (Le Fanu: House by the Churchyard: 'breathing turf and thunder, fire and sword')
303.F03 "When the dander rattles"
324.36 "Giant crash in Aden."
334.26 "woollied and flundered." (Tennyson: Charge of the Light Brigade: 'Volley'd and thunder'd')

335.11 "that ligtning lovemaker's thender apeal"
338.08 "All was flashing and krashning"
362.30 "thunderburst"
378.07 "he horrhorrd his name in thuthunder. Rrrwwwkkkrrr!" (Earwicker)
409.29 "thunders and fires"
424.23 "The hundredlettered name again, last word of perfect language."
454.22 "how black like thunder!"
464.10 "Thunderweather"
468.21 "their sunder enlivening"
483.15 "This bolt"
491.34 "by Thunder"
503.02 "But thundersheet?" ('Thunder Sheet: A long strip of sheet iron hung from the flies and when shaken gives the effect of thunder')

504.19 "Tonans Tomazeus" (Jupiter Tonans: Zeus as thunderer)
506.07 "thundered at him"
509.09 "You are making your thunderous mistake."
514.22 "Thundersday"
547.29 "Heaven, he hallthundered"
565.17 "Thunner in the eire."
581.16 "thunderslog"
596.02 "the hundering"
614.30 "clappercoupling"

Boanerges = 'sons of thunder'
Mark 3:17: 'And James the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James; and he surnamed them Boanerges, which is, The sons of thunder'

022.32 "Boanerges himself, the old terror of the dames"
184.06 "Tumult, son of Thunder"

Thor: Norse god of thunder
patron of the Scandinavian Thing

018.16 "Oye am thonthorstrok, thing mud."
080.14 "Thursmen's brandihands"
086.11 "of a Thoorsday"
246.06 "From Brandenborgenthor. At Asa's arthre. In thundercloud periwig."
279.F26 "I forget to) bolt the thor"
310.03 "Thorpetersen"
353.24 "ivanmorinthorrorumble"
424.22 "Thor's for yo!"

424.20 "Ullhodturdenweirmud-" (101-letter)

German Donnerwetter!: Thunderweather! (expletive)

009.26 "Brum! Brum! Cumbrum! This is jinnies cry. Underwetter!"
070.09 "tonnowatters"
078.05 "(Donnaurwatteur! Hunderthunder!)"
368.07 "tonnerwatter"
578.19 "Donauwatter!"
585.11 "the promethean paratonnerwetter"


lightning [fweet-65]

translations [wikt]

German Blitz:
078.07 "Blueblitzbolted"
272.16 "the Blitzenkopfs"
314.28 "those sohns of a blitzh"
442.32 "like a blizz"

Latin fulgor, fulmen
242.29 "fulgar"
258.04 "Fulgitudes"
588.20 "his fulmenbomb"
610.06 "Fulgitudo"

063.36 "tinnteack" (Irish teinteach)
148.22 "Uian" (Provençal uiau)
233.30 "like a chimista inchamisas" (Basque tsimista)
283.13 "improduce fullmin to trumblers" (Italian fulmine)
289.18 "talking of molniacs' manias" (Russian molniya)
299.12 "thunder'd ever belevin you were that bolt?" (Archaic levin)
323.27 "the lord of the saloom, as if for a flash" (Finnish salama)
323.32 "(Toni Lampi, you booraascal!)" (Italian lamp)
327.05 "eslucylamp" (Provençal esluci, lamp)
328.16 "(Elding," (Icelandic elding)
387.19 "Swede Villem" (Hungarian villám)
606.15 "askan your blixom" (Swedish blixten; Dutch bliksem)
612.27 "Balenoarch (he kneeleths), to Great Balenoarch (he kneeleths" (Italian baleno)
613.28 "The folgor of the frightfools" (Italian folgore)

422.30 "Nelson his trifulgurayous pillar" (Latin Artificial trifulgureus: thrice charged with lightning)
585.11 "the promethean paratonnerwetter" (French paratonnerre: lightning conductor)

many figures of speech:

011.04 "Thon's flash"
022.31 "the campbells acoming with a fork lance of lightning"
073.36 "same the lightning lancer"
117.03 "The lightning look"
131.14 "speared the rod and spoiled the lightning"
133.11 "against lightning, explosion, fire, earthquake, flood, whirlwind, burglary, third party, rot, loss of cash, loss of credit, impact of vehicles"
155.20 "This foluminous" (fulminous: pertaining to thunder and lightning)
222.22 "Chuffy was a nangel then and his soard fleshed light like likening."
246.08 "lightning bug aflash"
263.F03 "we wont fear the fletches of fightning"
289.08 "their ancient flash and crash habits"
335.11 "that ligtning lovemaker's thender apeal"
347.34 "letting his tinder and lighting be put to beheiss"
351.32 "Lightnints"
367.28 "lighning leaps from the numbulous"
378.08 "seen it rudden up in fusefiressence on the flashmurket"
426.29 "like a flask of" (VI.B.3.127c: 'flask of lightning')
426.30 "lightning over he careened"
449.28 "the sheep's lightning"
468.21 "their sunder enlivening"
499.33 "Donnerbruck Fire"
501.17 "Moisten your lips for a lightning strike"
509.34 "lightning consultation"
520.10 "like greased lining"
585.12 "love's lightning the way"

Benjamin Franklin (inventor of lightning rod)

289.10 "Benjermine Funkling"
372.07 "our benjamin liefest"
606.20 "Whether they were franklings by name"

Petersen coil for lightning protection

310.03 "patent number 1132, Thorpetersen and Synds"

378.09 "The lewdningbluebolteredallucktruckalltraumconductor!"

503.02 "thundersheet" (stage effect: sheet iron gives the effect of thunder)

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