Monday, September 29, 2014

['Dublin' name in FW]

Fweet finds more than three allusions to Dublin per page, but versions of its name occur much less frequently.

Dear Dirty Dublin

fairly clearcut:
007.05 "teary turty Taubling"
076.25 "and dear dutchy deeplinns"
095.10 "dear divorcee darling"
105.18 "Hear Hubty Hublin, My Old Dansh"

136.20 "dire dreary darkness"
180.15 "in the dearby darby doubled"
215.13 "Dear Dirty Dumpling"
305.07 "deep dartry dullard!"
317.34 "like a dun darting dullemitter"
319.24 "that double dyode dealered"
333.33 "for dour dorty dompling"
339.31 "like aleal lusky Lubliner"
363.21 "doughdoughty doubleface"
366.24 "the dire daffy damedeaconesses"
370.09 "around Dix Dearthy Dungbin"
374.18 "deep dorfy doubtlings"
492.16 "as my dodear devere revered"
539.17 "over the deep drowner Athacleeath"
548.06 "my durdin dearly"
570.03 "Deep Dalchi Dolando!"
604.34 "passing over the dainty daily dairy"
614.25 "By dim delty Deva."

neatly twisted:
131.06 "distinctly dirty but rather a dear"

049.21 "a dour decent deblancer"
060.35 "The dirty dubs"
060.36 "the dainly drabs downin"
061.02 "turtlings all over Doveland!"
093.16 "Drinkbattle's Dingy Dwellings"

160.08 "where the deodarty"
196.15 "duddurty devil!"
197.17 "Don Dom Dombdomb"
199.14 "bonzour to her dear dubber Dan"
206.17 "in the dusky dirgle dargle!"
327.35 "and coocoo him didulceydovely"
337.20 "up to three longly lurking lobstarts"
337.26 "How do, dainty daulimbs?"
615.12 "Dear. And we go on to Dirtdump. Reverend."

003.08 "doublin their mumper"
007.12 "Danu U'Dunnell's foamous olde Dobbelin ayle"
020.16 "Doublends Jined"
039.04 "events national and Dublin details"
086.30 "six doubloons fifteen"
097.09 "doubling through Cheeverstown"
113.18 "Add dapple inn."
158.04 "a dubliboused Catalick"
197.05 "and his doubling stutter"
290.16 "doubling back"
295.31 "doubling bicirculars"
311.16 "Link of a leadder, dubble in it"
353.19 "I gave one dobblenotch"
413.25 "May doubling drop of drooght!"
462.19 "could he quit doubling"
515.29 "The Dublin own, the thrice familiar."
534.29 "He was leaving out of my double inns"
543.01 "doubling megalopolitan poleetness"
578.14 "doublin existents!"



262.26 "Inn inn!"

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