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FW 1.11h --the jinnies taunt HCE--

1.11: patterns
1.11a: This the way to the museyroom. Mind your hats goan in! Now yiz are in the Willingdone Museyroom...
1.11b: Saloos the Crossgunn! Up with your pike and fork! Tip. (Bullsfoot! Fine!) This is the triplewon hat of Lipoleum...
1.11c: This is the big Sraughter Willingdone, grand and magentic in his goldtin spurs and his ironed dux...
1.11d: This is the three lipoleum boyne grouching down in the living detch. This is an inimyskilling inglis...
1.11e: This is the petty lipoleum boy that was nayther bag nor bug. Assaye, assaye! Touchole Fitz Tuomush...
1.11f: This is Delian alps. This is Mont Tivel, this is Mont Tipsey, this is the Grand Mons Injun. This is the crimealine...
1.11g: The jinnies is a cooin her hand and the jinnies is a ravin her hair and the Willingdone git the band up...
1.11h: This is me Belchum sneaking his phillippy out of his most toocisive bottle of Tilsiter. This is the libel...
1.11i: That was the tictacs of the jinnies for to fontannoy the Willingdone. Shee, shee, shee! The jinnies...
1.11k: This is bode Belchum, bonnet to busby, breaking his secred word with a ball up his ear to the Willingdone...
1.11l: Cherry jinnies. Figtreeyou! Damn fairy ann, Voutre. Willingdone. That was the first joke of Willingdone...
1.11m: This is Rooshious balls. This is a ttrinch. This is mistletropes. This is Canon Futter with the popynose. After...
1.11n: . This is the Willingdone, by the splinters of Cork, order fire. Tonnerre! (Bullsear! Play!) This is camelry...
1.11o: Almeidagad! Arthiz too loose! This is Willingdone cry. Brum! Brum! Cumbrum! This is jinnies cry...
1.11p: This is jinnies rinning away to their ousterlists dowan a bunkersheels. With a nip nippy nip and a trip trippy trip...
1.11q: This is the bissmark of the marathon merry of the jinnies they left behind them. This is the Willingdone branlish...
1.11r: This is the pettiest of the lipoleums, Toffeethief, that spy on the Willingdone from his big white harse...
1.11s: This is hiena hinnessy laughing alout at the Willingdone. This is lipsyg dooley krieging the funk...
1.11t: This is the wixy old Willingdone picket up the half of the threefoiled hat of lipoleums fromoud of the bluddle...
1.11u: That was the last joke of Willingdone. Hit, hit, hit! This is the same white harse of the Willingdone, Culpenhelp...
1.11v: This is the seeboy, madrashattaras, upjump and pumpim, cry to the Willingdone: Ap Pukkaru! Pukka Yurap!...
1.11w: This is the dooforhim seeboy blow the whole of the half of the hat of lipoleums off of the top of the tail...

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synopsis: the battle of Willingdone versus the Lipoleums and Jinnies

FDV: "This is the jinnies dispatch fontannoy the Willingdone. Dear Awthur, field gates your tiny frow? They think to cotch the Willingdone." →
"This is the Belchiam taking a phillipy out of his bottle of Tiltsiter. This is the jinnies hasting dispatch ?fortannoy the Willingdone. [Liffer]{Leaveher} Owthur, field gaze the tiny frow? The jinnies think they cotch the Willingdone."

This is me Belchum sneaking his phillippy

"me Belchum" = my chum? or could the guide be Belchum?

Belgium (Waterloo in)

General Bl├╝cher at Waterloo?

Battle of Philippi, 42 BC (battles)
Pont Louis Philippe, Paris (bridges of Paris)
fillip: a stroke with the nail of a finger suddenly released from the end of the thumb
filly: young mare
fill up

out of his most toocisive bottle of Tilsiter. This is the libel on the battle.

FW1 dropped line: "...most Awful..."



Napoleon signed two treaties (with Russia and Prussia) at Tilsit after his victory at Friedland

Awful Grimmest Sunshat Cromwelly, Looted.

Arthur Guinness, Sons and Company, Ltd
sun's hat, shat upon by the sun
Oliver Cromwell (associated with the looting of Ireland)
Arthur Wellesley (Wellington)


This is the jinnies' hastings dispatch for to irrigate the Willingdone.

Battle of Hastings, 1066 (battles)

The Dispatches of the Duke of Wellington during his Various Campaigns (in 13 volumes), 1834-39 [ebook]


Dispatch in thin red lines across the shortfront of me Belchum.

The Thin Red Line: a famous military action by the British 93rd (Highland) Regiment at the Battle of Balaclava, Crimea, 1854 (battles)

across the shirtfront (wet ejaculate draws reddish lines?)

the front at Waterloo was rather short

Yaw, yaw, yaw! Leaper Orthor. Fear siecken!

German ja: yes

text of dispatch: German Lieber Arthur, wir siegen. Wie geht's deiner kleinen Frau?: Dear Arthur, we conquer. How's your little wife? (ie, is she still faithful?)
(so are the jinnies also taunting HCE that ALP/Issy is unfaithful?)

Battle of Orthez, 1814 (battles)

longshot: Orthoptera: order of insects, including crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers, etc.


sick with fear

Fieldgaze thy tiny frow. Hugacting. Nap.

text of dispatch: German ...Wie geht's deiner kleinen Frau?: How's your little wife? (ie, is she still faithful?)

gaze through field-glasses

insincere hugging
Dutch hoogachtend: yours faithfully, yours truly

Napoleon (jinnies = Napoleon?)
slang nap: a dose of venereal disease


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