Monday, September 1, 2014

FW 1.74b --sleep tight--

1.74a: Aisy now, you decent man, with your knees and lie quiet and repose...
1.74b: You swamped enough since Portobello to float the Pomeroy...

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FDV: [nothing]

You swamped enough since Portobello to float the Pomeroy.

swamp = to drench or overwhelm something
swamped self = got drunk?

Portobello: district of Dublin [map]

float TO?

Pomeroy: town, County Tyrone [map]
'Pomeroy Abbey' 1878 novel

Fetch neahere, Pat Koy!

fetch up = arrive, overtake

near here

Russian vechnyi pokoi, na vechnuyu pamyat: eternal peace, for eternal memory (cf R.I.P.) "вечный покой, на вечную память" ♬?

And fetch nouyou, Pam Yates!

eternal memory


Be nayther angst of Wramawitch!

Irish Binn Éadair: Howth

Anglo-Irish accent: nayther: neither
neither Pat nor Pam, peace nor memory??

German Angst: Dutch angst: fear

fear not

Russian Avramovich: surname meaning son of Abraham

Hindu god Rama? (why W? wrath?)
witch ( = ALP??)

Here's lumbos.

he slumbers

here we are in?

Latin lumbus: loin (cf lumbar)

Where misties swaddlum,

swaddle 'em

mists swaddle him = cloudcapped Howth?

where misches lodge none,

German Mischer: meddlers

no lodging for guests?
wedding bed?

where mystries pour kind on,


pour oil on troubled waters?
last unction?

misties/misches/mystries = Shem-Shaun-Tristan???
swaddle/lodge/pour kind = Viconian ages?

O sleepy! So be yet!

so sleepy?

so be it


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