Monday, September 1, 2014

FW 1.74a --the corpse must be restrained--

1.74a: Aisy now, you decent man, with your knees and lie quiet and repose...
1.74b: You swamped enough since Portobello to float the Pomeroy...

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FDV: "Aisy now, you decent man, {with your knees} and lie quiet and repose your honour's lordship!"

synopsis: he attempts to rise — the four restrain him

Aisy now, you decent man,

AngloIrish accent: aisy: easy

not to awaken his bedmate?

(in Ulysses, 'decent' usually implies not a heavy drinker, esp. Dignam)

with your knees and lie quiet

insertion: with your knees

are the knees somehow the startingpoint of his trying to rise?
cf praying on knees?

and repose your honour's lordship!

'Timothy' means 'honouring God'


Hold him there, Ezekiel Irons,

Zekiel Irons: parish clerk and fisherman in LeFanu

and may God strengthen you!

'Ezekiel' means 'God will strengthen'

It's our warm spirits, boys, he's spooring.

warm spirits = alcoholic drink; life force

spooring = tracking an animal [wkt]
German spĆ¼ren: to sense, to feel the effect of

Finnegan senses alcohol

Dimitrius O'Flagonan,

song Enniscorthy: 'Dimetrius O'Flanigan McCarthy'

dimity fabric??


cork that cure for the Clancartys!

cork that bottle

alcohol as cure?

cork for, or cure for?

Earl of Clancarty [wiki] '5th Earl married English music-hall singer'


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