Sunday, August 31, 2014

FW 1.75f --ALP sees herself in news stories--

1.75a: I've an eye on queer Behan and old Kate and the butter, trust me...
1.75b: The sternwheel's crawling strong. I seen your missus in the hall...
1.75c: Bald Tib does be yawning and smirking cats' hours on the Pollockses'...
1.75d: If you only were there to explain the meaning, best of men...
1.75e: She was flirtsome then and she's fluttersome yet. She can second...
1.75f: News, news, all the news. Death, a leopard, kills fellah in Fez...
1.75g: There'll be bluebells blowing in salty sepulchres the night...

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News, news, all the news.

cf U435: "A VOICE FROM THE GALLERY Moses, Moses, king of the jews, Wiped his arse in the Daily News."

Death, a leopard, kills fellah in Fez.

fellah: a peasant in Arabic countries

Fez: city, Morocco

Angry scenes at Stormount.

Stormont: the seat of the Northern Ireland parliament

Stilla Star with her lucky in goingaways.

Italian stilla: drop
Italian stella: star

her bridegroom? fiance?

going-away clothes: clothes worn by a bride when going off on her honeymoon

Opportunity fair with the China floods



and we hear these rosy rumours.


Ding Tams he noise about all same Harry chap.

Dick, Tom, Harry


Harry chap

She's seeking her way, a chickle a chuckle,

in and out of their serial story, Les Loves of Selskar et Pervenche,

(Selskar and Periwinkle) [388.06] [580.17-.18]

Danish elsker: loves

Selskar Gunn: son of Michael Gunn, manager of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (Selskar was one year younger than Joyce, their families were friendly in Dublin, and he further socialised with Joyce in Paris in the 1920s) [626.19]

French pervenche: periwinkle

freely adopted to The Novvergin's Viv.

no virgin


Danish viv: wife

French vive: lively (feminine)


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