Saturday, August 30, 2014

FW 1.76e --but he was once real--

1.76a: For, be that samesake sibsubstitute of a hooky salmon, there's already a big rody ram...
1.76b: humphing his share of the showthers is senken on him he's such a grandfallar...
1.76c: And aither he cursed and recursed and was everseen doing what your fourfootlers saw...
1.76d: Though Eset fibble it to the zephiroth and Artsa zoom it round her heavens...
1.76e: But however 'twas 'tis sure for one thing, what Sherif Toragh voucherfors...
1.76f: with a bumrush in a hull of a wherry, the twin turbane dhow, The Bey for Dybbling...
1.76g: and has been repreaching himself like a fishmummer these sixtyten years ever since...
1.76h: our old offender was humile, commune and ensectuous from his nature...

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FDV: "but however that may be 'tis sure for one thing that he came to this place some time on another" →
"but however that may be 'tis sure for one thing that he, overseen as we thought him, came at this place some time on another"

But however 'twas 'tis sure for one thing,

double 't
(cf also twilling bugs above?)

what Sherif Toragh voucherfors

Hebrew saraph: poisonous snake; angel, seraph

Dublin's subsheriff in 1904 was John Clancy, fictionalised in Ulysses as Long John Fanning

Hebrew Torah: law; Pentateuch
-ragh = race/people? curragh, croagh

vouches for

and Mapqiq makes put out,

Penguin has "mapqiq"

Hebrew mappiq: a dot in the letter 'heh'

'make' = halfpenny (Dublin slang)

makes fun of??
publishes, spreads (gossip)

that the man, Humme the Cheapner, Esc,

homme = man
Hebrew hamma: sun

cheapener (dishonor-er?)
why no e?

Esq. = Esquire

overseen as we thought him,

"everseen doing... overseen"

slang overseen: somewhat drunk
watched by overseers

yet a worthy of the naym,

worthy of heaven?

Arabic: nayim: asleep
Hebrew nayim: pleasant
Hebrew mayim: water

came at this timecoloured place where we live

discoloured by age? or added patina?


in our paroqial fermament one tide on another

parochial: belonging to a parish; provincial
Hebrew raqia: firmament


one time

proverb Time and tide wait for no man

one or another

he really came sometime in the past?


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