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La vie du Bouddha; d'apreès les textes d'Inde ancienne. ... . Herold, A.-Ferdinand (André-Ferdinand), b. 1865. [ebook]

EB11 Buddha

VI.B47.46: 'the Buddh'

024.19 "Kapelavaster" Buddha was born in Kapilavastu
255.01 "Capellisato"

047.19 "Seudodanto!"
EB11 737c: 'Buddha... was the son of Suddhodana'

597.28 "mahamayability"
Maha-Maya: mother of the Buddha
389.32? "Mahazar ag Dod!"
061.20 "chidden by her fastra sastra to saddle up your" Buddha's mother chided him for neglecting his body

060.17 "he is being taught to wear bracelets"
Buddha's sister tried to teach him to wear bracelets

061.36    their pricking pens on that account. The seventh city, Urovivla,
–061.36+    Uruvela, where Buddha attained enlightenment

024.22 "Meeting some sick old bankrupt"
Buddha met an old man, a sick man, and a corpse outside his palace and thus learned of age, sickness, and death

018.28 "with a rush out of his"
during the enlightenment of Buddha, a reed grew from his navel

010.35    Under his seven wrothschields lies one, Lumproar. His glav toside
–010.35+    the seven "sheaths" (physical, astral, mental, buddhic, nirvanic, anupadakic, and adic) which clothe the essence of the soul, according to some esoteric writings

018.24    walked the earth. In the ignorance that implies impression that
–018.24+    after enlightenment, Buddha walked the world
–018.24+    the Buddhistic Round of life and death is seen as a twelve-fold chain of dependencies: ignorance / impression / knowledge / name-and-form / the-six-senses / sensation / desire / attachment / existence / birth / old-age-and-death / ignorance (or ignorance / motivation / consciousnes / name-and-form / the-six-senses / sense-stimulation / sense-experience / grasping / possessiveness / coming-to-be / birth / old-age-and-death)

024.17    like a god on pension and don't be walking abroad. Sure you'd
–024.17+    Herold: La Vie du Bouddha 60: (Buddha describing his horse, Kanthaka) 'le cheval est fort et rapide comme un Dieu' (French 'the horse is strong and fast like a God') [.23]

024.23    with his shoe hanging, clankatachankata, or a slut snoring with an
–024.23+    Herold: La Vie du Bouddha 58: (Buddha's horse) 'Kanthaka é le meilleur des chevaux' (French 'Kanthaka was the best of horses') [.17]

024.30    ing your shapes and sizes on the pillow of your babycurls under
–024.30+    after enlightenment, Buddha learned of his past lives

025.25 "the buddhoch"

025.26    long rest of him, while the millioncandled eye of Tuskar sweeps
–025.26+    tusk (Buddha had incarnations as an elephant)

026.08    as your hair grows wheater beside the Liffey that's in Heaven!
–026.08+    Buddha, renouncing luxury, cut off his hair and threw it to heaven

026.09 "Hero! Seven times thereto we salute"
Buddha was addressed as 'Hero' by a monk
after his enlightenment, Buddha was saluted seven times

028.11 "best of men"
'best of men': an epithet of the Buddha

059.07 "Sid Arthar"

059.11    ing to the sprangflowers of his burstday which was a virid-
–059.11+    fruits ripened upon the birth of Buddha

059.14    added she, with many regards to Maha's pranjapansies. (Tart!)
–059.14+    Maha-prajapati Gautami: the Buddha's aunt and stepmother, the first woman admitted to a Buddhist order [.24]

059.24    Aratar Calaman he is a cemented brick, buck it all! A more nor
–059.24+    Arata-Kalama: hermit who sheltered the Buddha [.14]

060.16    Paw! A wouldbe martyr, who is attending on sanit Asitas where
–060.16+    Asita: hermit who recognised the new-born Buddha

Sakya Muni
060.19 "Sankya Moondy played his mango tricks under the mysttetry, with shady apsaras sheltering in his leaves' licence"
Asparas: maidens set to entertain Buddha when young; dropped on him from mango tree

060.21    his shadowers torrifried by the potent bolts of indradiction, there
–060.21+    Buddha, meditating under tree, was suspected to be Indra, the thunder-god

062.02    their counts), beyond the outraved gales of Atreeatic, changing
–062.02+    Buddha, renouncing luxury, changed clothes with a god dressed as a hunter

062.03    clues with a baggermalster, the hejirite had fled, silentioussue-
–062.03+    Herold: La Vie du Bouddha 59: (as Buddha flees his father's palace) 'Le bon cheval se garda de faire aucun bruit dans la nuit sonore... les portes s'ouvrirent d'elles-mêmes, silencieusement' (French 'The good horse refrained from making any noise in the resonant night... the doors opened by themselves, silently')

062.05    (be mercy, Mara! A he whence Rahoulas!) from the ostmen's
–062.05+    Wasawarthi Mara: a demon who tempted Buddha
–062.05+    Rahoulas: son of Buddha

062.08    dence, (if you are looking for the bilder deep your ear on the
–062.08+    (Buddha, who had for years looked for the builder of the house, was enlightened; the spirit, tired of rebirth, learned how to attain Nirvana)

085.03    sir, of being mistakenly ambushed by one of the uddahveddahs,
–085.03+    Buddha

089.29    And how olld of him? He was intendant to study pulu. Which
–089.29+    Pali: Prakrit language of the Buddhist scriptures

106.29    Neuter till Brahm Taulked Him Common Sex, A Nibble at Eve
–106.29+    Brahma: Vedic creator, persuaded Buddha to teach the law

234.06         But, Sin Showpanza, could anybroddy which walked this world
–234.06+    after enlightenment Buddha walked the world, then remained immobile with his eyes open

234.13    soptimost of sire sixtusks, of Mayaqueenies sign osure, hevnly
–234.13+    the Buddha was once reborn as a six-tusked elephant
–234.13+    Queen Maya: mother of the Buddha

234.14    buddhy time, inwreathed of his near cissies, a mickly dazzly eely
–234.14+    wreathed in narcissi
–234.14+    Dublin Slang micky dazzler: a would-be dandy, a lady-killer

234.16    trail the tractive, and dem dandypanies knows de play of de eye-
–234.16+    Buddha married daughter of Dandapani and was surrounded by eyelash-fluttering women

237.22    thou are not. Leperstower, the karman's loki, has not blanched
–237.22+    Sanskrit karma: action, occupation (in Buddhism and Hinduism, action as determining one's fate, destiny as determined by one's actions)

238.18    next time! You don't want to peach but bejimboed if ye do!
–238.18+    Buddha did not wish to preach the law but was persuaded by Brahma

238.22    Talk with a hare and you wake of a tartars. That's mus. Says the
–238.22+    'I talked with a hare': part of the Law taught by the Buddha

238.36    We feel unspeechably thoughtless over it all here in Gizzygazelle
–238.36+    Buddha preached the law at Gazelle Park

239.01    Tark's bimboowood so pleasekindly communicake with the
–239.01+    the Buddha, when established as 'The Master', lived in the Bamboo Wood

239.04    master of snakes, we can sloughchange in the nip of a napple
–239.04+    King of Snakes encircled and warmed the Buddha

239.06    in your look we're eyed for aye were you begging the questuan
–239.06+    Buddha's story of Visvamitra's lost children, who were recognised by their eyes

239.07    with your lutean bowl round Monkmesserag. And whenever
–239.07+    Buddha played lute while teaching
–239.07+    Buddha's begging bowl

245.10    the threads simwhat toran and knots in its antargumends, the
–245.10+    toran: sacred Buddhist gateway

246.10    Ansighosa pokes in her potstill to souse at the sop be sodden
–246.10+    Asvaghosa: one of the lives of Buddha

277.L14    Gautamed bud-
–277.L14+    Gautama Buddha

338.13    to be digarced from ever and a daye in his accounts). But da. But
–338.13+    Buddha

347.09    Krzerszonese Milesia asundurst Sirdarthar Woolwichleagues,
–347.09+    Siddhartha Gautama: the Buddha

407.16    Michaeleen Kelly, not Mara O'Mario, and sure, what more
–407.16+    Mara: a devil-like demon who tempted Buddha

544.24 "collects rare buddhas"

595.22    to understand apad vellumtomes muniment, Arans Duhkha,
–595.22+    Sanskrit duhkha: suffering (the first of the four Buddhist noble truths, also called Dukkha Arya Satya)

441.19    worold who'll feel it? Hum! The jewel you're all so cracked
–441.19+    Buddhist prayer: 'Om Mani Padme Hum': 'Oh Jewel in the flower of the Lotus'

602.12    the voice of Roga. His face is the face of a son. Be thine the silent
–602.12+    Sanskrit raga: attachment (the cause of suffering, according to the Buddha)

602.27 "the buddhy"

408.26    Elien! Obsequies! Bonzeye! Isaac Egari's Ass! We're the music-
–408.26+    bonze: a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan

411.17    beans for mummy mit dummy mot muthar mat bonzar regular,
–411.17+    bonze: a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan

483.09    the abbey, and give gold tidings to all that are in the bonze age
–483.09+    bonze: a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan

536.09    Culapert! Ring his mind, ye staples, (bonze!) in my ould reeke-
–536.09+    bonze: a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan

609.33    porters of bonzos, pompommy plonkyplonk, the ghariwallahs,
–609.33+    bonze: a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan

620.03 "the very lotust and second to nill, Budd!"
625.30 "in soffran" saffron robes

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