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FW 1.64d --writing with a plough--

1.64a: (Stoop) if you are abcedminded, to this claybook, what curios of signs (please stoop), in this allaphbed!...
1.64b: Many. Miscegenations on miscegenations. Tieckle. They lived und laughed ant loved end left. Forsin...
1.64c: In the ignorance that implies impression that knits knowledge that finds the nameform that whets the wits...
1.64d: But with a rush out of his navel reaching the reredos of Ramasbatham. A terricolous vivelyonview this...
1.64e: Here say figurines billycoose arming and mounting. Mounting and arming bellicose figurines see here...
1.64f: When a part so ptee does duty for the holos we soon grow to use of an allforabit. Here (please to stoop)...
1.64g: Right rank ragnar rocks and with these rox orangotangos rangled rough and rightgorong. Wisha, wisha...
1.64h: Olives, beets, kimmells, dollies, alfrids, beatties, cormacks and daltons. Owlets' eegs (O stoop to please!)...
1.64i: Our durlbin is sworming in sneaks. They came to our island from triangular Toucheaterre beyond the wet prairie...
1.64k: Somedivide and sumthelot but the tally turns round the same balifuson. Racketeers and bottloggers.

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FDV: "a hatch, a celt, an earshare for cassay the earthcrust" →
"a hatch, a celt, an earshare the pourquose of which was to cassay the earthcrust at all {of} hours {furroward & bagowards bogowards like an ox yoxen at the turnpath}!"

But with a rush out of his navel reaching the reredos of Ramasbatham.

during the enlightenment of Buddha, a reed grew from his navel (pix look ridiculous)

cf Vishnu with lotus

U38: 'Gaze in your omphalos. Hello! Kinch here. Put me on to Edenville'

reredos: an ornamental screen covering the wall at the back of an altar

Rama: an avatar of Vishnu in Hindu mythology
Ramsbottom, England, has a 128ft tower honoring Robert Peel, built 1852
ram's bottom

A terricolous vivelyonview this;

Latin terricola: earth-dweller

vivlion viou: (Modern Greek) book of life


queer and, it continues to be, quakky.

Letter: Dear Go On

duck quack

A hatch, a celt, an earshare


obsolete hatch: hatchet

celt: a prehistoric chisel (pronounced 'kelt')

obsolete ear: a ploughing; to plough (hence, ploughshare)

E the ploughshare, △ the earth?

the pourquose of which was to cassay the earthcrust at all of hours,

French pourquoi: the reason why

French casser: to break

at all hours (sex?)


furrowards, bagawards, like yoxen at the turnpath.

forwards, backwards
Greek boustrophêdon: turning like oxen (in ploughing); writing with lines read left-right, then right-left, etc. (the second sentence is the first read backwards)

fw1 had "turnpaht"


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