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FW 1.64i --the S snakes--

1.64a: (Stoop) if you are abcedminded, to this claybook, what curios of signs (please stoop), in this allaphbed!...
1.64b: Many. Miscegenations on miscegenations. Tieckle. They lived und laughed ant loved end left. Forsin...
1.64c: In the ignorance that implies impression that knits knowledge that finds the nameform that whets the wits...
1.64d: But with a rush out of his navel reaching the reredos of Ramasbatham. A terricolous vivelyonview this...
1.64e: Here say figurines billycoose arming and mounting. Mounting and arming bellicose figurines see here...
1.64f: When a part so ptee does duty for the holos we soon grow to use of an allforabit. Here (please to stoop)...
1.64g: Right rank ragnar rocks and with these rox orangotangos rangled rough and rightgorong. Wisha, wisha...
1.64h: Olives, beets, kimmells, dollies, alfrids, beatties, cormacks and daltons. Owlets' eegs (O stoop to please!)...
1.64i: Our durlbin is sworming in sneaks. They came to our island from triangular Toucheaterre beyond the wet prairie...
1.64k: Somedivide and sumthelot but the tally turns round the same balifuson. Racketeers and bottloggers.

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FDV: "Sss! See the snake worms wurrums everywhere our ?durst durl bin is sworming with sneaks!"

Our durlbin is sworming in sneaks.

why duRlbin? cricketer Durling?

swarming with snakes

They came to our island from triangular Toucheaterre beyond the wet prairie,

VI.B6.89: 'S came in a cargo of fruit'
NPFJr 22Feb24: 'The ss. Reventazon was landing a cargo of bananas from Jamaica when a strange little creature was discovered hiding among the fruit... its precise genus seems to have baffled everyone... Now, what is it?'

VI.B3.04: 'triangular Spain'
IISS 27: Saint Columcille's 'name not only became illustrious throughout the whole of our own Ireland and Britain, but reached even to triangular Spain and Gaul and Italy, and also to the city of Rome itself' (Spain is quite square)

French touche-à-tout: nosy person, busybody (literally 'touch-all')
French toucher terre: to land
French Angleterre: England

wet prairie: a tract of grassland characterised by the abundance of stagnant water in the soil (primarily referring to North American prairies)

rared up in the midst of the cargon of prohibitive pomefructs,

reared up (from birth, or elevation)

Genesis 3:3: 'the tree which is in the midst of the garden'


prohibitive not prohibited

Eve's apple
French pomme: apple
Latin fructus: fruit
cf 'usufruct' (legal)

but along landed Paddy Dippingham and his garbagecans cotched the creeps of them

FW1 has "Wippingham" (Whippingham is a real place)
Dippingham is an obscure imaginary placename

St Patrick said to have banished serpents from Ireland

dialect cotched: catched

Macbeth III.2.13: 'We have scotch'd the snake, not kill'd it'

pricker than our whosethere outofman could quick up her whatsthats.

(is this maybe a little playlet with a cheating wife hastily concealing evidence when the doorbell rings?)

slang prick: penis

who's there

Genesis 2:23: 'she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man'
Ottoman (ie, foreigner, or footstool)

pick up her (drawers)

what's that


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