Thursday, September 11, 2014

FW 1.64e --the letters come to life--

1.64a: (Stoop) if you are abcedminded, to this claybook, what curios of signs (please stoop), in this allaphbed!...
1.64b: Many. Miscegenations on miscegenations. Tieckle. They lived und laughed ant loved end left. Forsin...
1.64c: In the ignorance that implies impression that knits knowledge that finds the nameform that whets the wits...
1.64d: But with a rush out of his navel reaching the reredos of Ramasbatham. A terricolous vivelyonview this...
1.64e: Here say figurines billycoose arming and mounting. Mounting and arming bellicose figurines see here...
1.64f: When a part so ptee does duty for the holos we soon grow to use of an allforabit. Here (please to stoop)...
1.64g: Right rank ragnar rocks and with these rox orangotangos rangled rough and rightgorong. Wisha, wisha...
1.64h: Olives, beets, kimmells, dollies, alfrids, beatties, cormacks and daltons. Owlets' eegs (O stoop to please!)...
1.64i: Our durlbin is sworming in sneaks. They came to our island from triangular Toucheaterre beyond the wet prairie...
1.64k: Somedivide and sumthelot but the tally turns round the same balifuson. Racketeers and bottloggers.

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FDV: "Here are figurines billicoose arming and mounting. Mounting & arming bellicose figurines are there. And this little effingee stands [...] a fing called in flintgun" →
"Here say figurines billicoose arming and mounting. Mounting & arming bellicose figurines see here. ꟻuthor, this little effingee is for fire a fing called in flintforfall. Face at the eased. O I fay!! ꟻace at the waist. Ho you fie! Upwards & down them! ⌈⌈ace to ⌋⌋ace!"

Here say figurines billycoose arming and mounting.

FDV: "Here are"

figurines = letters?

bellicose: warlike (arming)
phrase billing and cooing (lovey-dovey) mounting sexually?

Mounting and arming bellicose figurines see here.

cycle seems to reverse (fall becomes rise becomes fall)

Futhorc, this little effingee

VI.B15.159: 'futhorc'
SOA 201: 'The primitive Gothic alphabet is named, on the acrologic principle, "futhorc", after the first six letters, f, u, t, h, o, r, c'


little effigy = representative figurine

is for a firefing called a flintforfall.

German fing: caught

FDV: "called in flintgun" (how is a letter like a gun?)
flintlock rifle
fire-lighting flint
Danish forfalde: fall into decay
German Vorfall: incident

Face at the eased! O, I fay!

face at the east, face at the west


ꟻace at the waist! Ho, you fie!

Unicode calls this 'Latin epigraphic letter reversed F'

fie = trusts (French)

Upwap and dump em, ⌉⌉ace to ⌊⌊ace!

upwards and down them
Up, Guards

VI.B6.89: 'dump'

Unicode doesn't (yet) offer these two rotated capital Fs

face to face

three pairs of rotated F's


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