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FW 1.19a --a historic prophecy--

1.19a: Four things therefore, saith our herodotary Mammon Lujius in his grand old historiorum...
1.19b: Unum. (Adar.) A bulbenboss surmounted upon an alderman. Ay, ay! Duum. (Nizam.)...

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synopsis: the history book — the major characters

FDV: "And four things {therefore}, saith Mamalu, sall ne'er fail in Dyfflinarsky." →
"Four things these four, saith Mamalujius in his Grand Old Historiorum writ by Boriorum, sall ne'er fail to Dyfflinarsky till the heathersmoke & the cloudweed Eire's isle Sall hide. And here now they are the [four of them] {four Erins}."

Four things therefore, saith our herodotary Mammon Lujius

Herodotus: Greek historian
doting on heroes



maybe? Titus Livius: Roman historian, traditionally known as Livy

in his grand old historiorum, wrote near Boriorum,

Annals of the Four Masters was written in Donegal, which was called Boreum by Ptolemy


bluest book in baile's annals, f.t. in Dyfflinarsky

slang blue: obscene
Blue Books: the official reports of the English Parliament

Irish baile: town (as in Baile Atha Cliath: Dublin)

Annals of the Four Masters 

Norwegian f.t.: at present (short for 'for tiden')

four things (abbreviation by initialising was common in medieval Irish chronicles)

Dyfflinarskidi: territory around Norse Dublin
'Dyflin' on 11th century Dublin coins

Penguin typo: "Dyffinarsky"

ne'er sall fail til heathersmoke and cloudweed Eire's ile sall pall.

never shall
(Joyce stuck with 'sall' for 'shall' every step)

isn't burning heather common?!

cloudweed = tobacco??



shall hide/pale

(the prophesy seems pretty feeble since these are viconian/Wakean universals expected to recur eternally or until the world ends!)

And here now they are, the fear of um. Notities!

German vier: four

Portuguese um: one

slang umpteen: a large but indefinite number??

note these?

Penguin: "are the"

FW1 had "T. Totities!"
Latin toties: so many times, as many times


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