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FW 1.19b --the basic sigla--

1.19a: Four things therefore, saith our herodotary Mammon Lujius in his grand old historiorum...
1.19b: Unum. (Adar.) A bulbenboss surmounted upon an alderman. Ay, ay! Duum. (Nizam.)...

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FDV: "A swell{ed}head on an alderman. A shoe on a poor old woman. An auburn maid to be deserted. A pen no weightier than a polepost. And so. And all." →
"A bulbenhead surmount[ing]{ed} an alderman. Ay, ay! A shoe on a poor old woman. Ah, ho! An auburn maid, a bridabride, to be deserted. Adear, adear! A pen no weightier than a polepost. And so. And all."

E Unum Adar Ay (Latin: unus, una, unum; primus, prima, primum)
△ Duum Nizam Ah ho (duo, duae, duo; secundus, alter)
⊥ Triom Tamuz Adear (tres, tres, tria; tertius)
/[ Quodlibus Marchessvan (quattuor; quartus)

Unum. (Adar.)

Latin unum: one (neuter gender)

Adar: the twelfth (or sixth) month of the Jewish year (months)

A bulbenboss surmounted upon an elderman. Ay, ay!

head (or hump?)

Mount Ben Bulben, County Sligo

"surmounted upon" = balanced like an egg? after a hard climb?


Ay Ay
Roman numeral 'I I' = two

Duum. (Nizam.)

Latin duum: of two

nizam = system, order (Arabic) also an honorific
Nisan: the first (or seventh) month of the Jewish year (months)

A shoe on a puir owld wobban. Ah, ho!

why a shoe? head/foot?

AngloIrish phrase poor old woman: Ireland (poetic)
puisne = puny



Ah Ho

Triom. (Tamuz.)

Latin trium: of three

Tammuz: the fourth (or tenth) month of the Jewish year (Months)

An auburn mayde, o'brine a'bride, to be desarted. Adear, adear!

Oliver Goldsmith, The Deserted Village 1: 'Sweet Auburn!' 


Mamalujo had been using variations on the word "brinabride" (eg "the four beautiful sisters Brinabride") since their 1st appearance

a bride of brine (ie, of the sea, of a sailor)
St Bride: another name for Saint Brigid, a well-known 5thC Irish saint

(why should she be deserted?)
AngloIrish accent: desarted: deserted (viz Deserted Village)
stripped of clothes, or of virginity?
Dysert O'Dea Castle, County Clare??? [wiki]

Adear Adear

Quodlibus. (Marchessvan.)

Latin quodlibet: that which is pleasing [more]
libus = sacred pancake??
-ibus = of them?

Marcheshvan: the eighth (or second) month of the Jewish year (better known as Cheshvan) (months)

A penn no weightier nor a polepost.

pen/post ([ Ʌ)

Bulwer-Lytton: 'The pen is mightier than the sword'

equal and opposite twins?

And so. And all. (Succoth.)

and so and all

VI.B3.08: 'Succoth (Patrick)'
Flood, Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 10: 'King Niall of the Nine Hostages went on successive expeditions against the peoples of Gaul and Britain. Amongst the captives... was Succoth, a lad of sixteen... afterwards called Patricius, probably in allusion to his noble birth'

Succoth: Jewish Feast of Tabernacles (harvest festival)


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