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FW 1.20-21 --HCE as whale--

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synopsis: leaves of time — four entries from the annals

FDV: "The Annals tell how
1132 AC Men wondern as Wallfisch and. Bloaty wares." →
"The Annals bring how
1132 AB Men like to ants wondern all over on a groot Wide Wallfisch
and that lay in a Runnel. [Blubber]{Blubby} wares [in]{upat} Eblanium."

we get an imperfectly reflecting timeline: 1132-566-0-566-1132

the modifiers on these numbers changed mysteriously from:

So, how idlers' wind turning pages on pages,

The Idler was Samuel Johnson's journal

'idlers' wind' sounds like a sailing term

VI.B14.18: 'wind turns over pages'
Schuré, Les Grandes Légendes de France: 'a hurricane passed over the book and turned all the pages. It remained open on the XIIth chapter of the Apocalypse'

(partial explanation of 2-1-0-1-2 symmetry?)

as innocens with anaclete play popeye antipop,

Latin innocens: harmless

Anacletus II, antipope, opposed Innocent II, pope, in the years 1130-1138 (including 1132)

Popeye the Sailor [fweet-6]
popeye: symptom of disease (esp. in fish)
popeye = species of fish

the leaves of the living in the boke of the deeds,


boke = poke; mouth; vomit
Book of the Dead
book of deeds

annals of themselves, timing the cycles of events grand and national,

VI.B14.188: 'annal' (sort of obvious, surely?)
Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review: Comments on the Foregoing Article: 'Readers will have noticed in the annal entries that ecclesiastics and men of learning generally get the leading mention'

Annals of the Four Masters 

VI.B6.03: 'timed his cycle' (sounds like Bloom)
bicycle, viconian cycle, menstrual cycle

grand > national? grand ≈ national?
Grand National (horse race)

bring fassilwise to pass how

German fassweise: by the barrel
French facile: easy

German Passah: Passover

tell how

1132 A.D. Men like to ants or emmets


1 (E) + 1 (△) + 3 (ɅT[) + 2 (⊣⊢)

Annals of the Four Masters, 'The Age of Christ, 283... Finn... fell... upon the Boinn' (ie, Finn MacCool died AD 283; 283 = 1132/4)

Laurence O'Toole born 1132

AD = Anno Domini (proper form would be AD 1132); or Ante Diluvium?

archaic emmet: ant

wondern upon a groot hwide Whallfisk which lay in a Runnel.

German wandern: to wander
wondered about

Dutch groot: great, big, large

Danish hvid: white
white whale = Moby Dick?? [fweet-4]

German Walfisch: whale
Danish fisk: fish

Thom's: 1331: 'A great famine relieved by a prodigious shoal of fish, called Turlehydes, being cast on shore at the mouth of the Dodder. They were from 30 to 40 feet long, and so thick that men standing on each side of one of them, could not see those on the other. Upwards of 200 of them were killed by the people' after Harris

cf U45: "A school of turlehide whales stranded in hot noon, spouting, hobbling in the shallows. Then from the starving cagework city a horde of jerkined dwarfs, my people, with flayers' knives, running, scaling, hacking in green blubbery whalemeat."

runnel: small stream of water, brooklet

Blubby wares upat Ublanium.

viconian cycle

Dryden called breasts 'bubbies'

upon, up at

Eblana: Ptolemy's name for Dublin


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