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FW 1.26a --a gap in the history text--

1.26a: Somewhere, parently, in the ginnandgo gap between antediluvious and annadominant the copyist...
1.26b: A scribicide then and there is led off under old's code with some fine covered by six marks...

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synopsis: the fleeing scribe — the changing times

Somewhere, parently, in the ginnandgoe gap

like parents

Ginnungagap: ('mighty gap') in Norse mythology, the primordial abyss between heat and cold that preceded the creation of the world

drink a gin and go?

VI.B6.57: 'gap — copyist hurries away'
Book of Kells 11: 'the larger figure was a later addition in order to fill a space left vacant when the original artist had touched the Manuscript for the last time... we can almost see from the illumination itself the very place where he was hurried from his work' [image] Sullivan suspects a 2nd, inferior artist for parts of this image

between antediluvious and annadominant

between AD-meaning-1 and AD-meaning-2?


Latin Anno Domini: in the year of the Lord

the copyist must have fled with his scroll.

"must" is surprisingly strong

Book of Kells 4: 'The last few leaves of the Manuscript... have been missing for many years' (not a scroll, presumably, and it sounds like they were finished and long survived the copyists)

The billy flood rose or an elk charged him

what's a billyflood?
among Ireland's many William Floods in 1901 there's a Dublin tax collector

giant Irish elk extinct for 8000 years

or the sultrup worldwright from the excelsissimost empyrean (bolt, in sum)

satrap: a provincial governor in the ancient Persian empire; a despotic subordinate ruler
'-strup' is a common suffix in names

VI.B6.74: 'Worldwright'
GSEL 164 (sec. 162): 'Old English had various methods of forming nouns to denote agents... from... wyrhta 'wright' (in wheelwright, etc.)'

Latin excelsissimus: very highest

VI.B1.07: 'empyrean = ciel tout court' (French ciel tout court: simply the sky)

empyrean: the highest heaven, where the angels were created according to some sources; the visible firmament


earthspake or the Dannaman gallous banged pan the bliddy duran.

earth spoke

AngloIrish Dannyman: informer (after Danny Mann, a sinister hunchback retainer in Gerald Griffin's novel The Collegians, adapted to the stage as The Colleen Bawn by Dion Boucicault)


Latin gallus: cock

banging a pot with a spoon to make a loud noise


Biddy Doran

Ruthenian-Ukrainian duren: fool, idiot
Danish døren: the door


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