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FW 1.25 --Shem and Shaun twins--

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FDV: "1132 A.D. Two sons at one time were born to a goodman & his wife. There were name Primas & Caddy. Primo was a gentleman & came of decent people. Caddy was to Winehouse & wrote a piece of fun. Blooty ?worse in Ballyaughacleeagh." →
"1132 D.O. Two sons at one hour were born to a goodman & his hag. There were name Caddy & Primas, Primas was a sentryman & drilled by dacent people. Caddy went to Winehouse & wrote a peace of farce. Blooty words [in Ballyaughacleeaghbally] {for Dublin}."

the sons must belong to the elderman and the puir old wobban... but then where does the Issies' story fit?

1132 A.D. Two sons at an hour were born until a goodman and his hag.


Penguin typo: "1132. A.D."

[ Ʌ

archaic until: unto

hag (in Chaucer's Wife of Bath, a hag is transformed into a beauty)
hagwife = midwife

These sons called themselves Caddy and Primas.

not given these names by parents?
French s'appeller: were called (literally 'called themselves')


cadet: younger son or brother

German Primas: archbishop, primate
primal-born: firstborn? eg this Ovid translation

Primas was a santryman and drilled all decent people.

song Saint Patrick was a Gentleman: 'Patrick was a gentleman, and he came from decent people'

Santry: district of Dublin

sentry, drill

Caddy went to Winehouse and wrote o peace a farce.

nursery rhyme 'Taffy came to my house and stole a piece of beef' [wiki]

archaic wine-house: tavern eg
capitalised: a surname, unknown in Ireland


a farce about ('of') peace? a farce entitled 'o peace'
a piece of verse
FDV: "a piece of fun"

Blotty words for Dublin.

cf U27: "at the foot a crooked signature with blind loops and a blot. Cyril Sargent: his name and seal."

Caddy's words, disfigured by blots (but what of Primas?)


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