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FW 1.23-24 --Issy mourns Issy--

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a rare instance of authorial square brackets:
FDV: "[Silent]
566 A.D. At that time it came to pass ?that many fair maidens grieved to their minions were ravished of them by an ?ogre Europeus Pius and."
566 O.D. At that time it came to pass ?that 2 bronzelocked maidens grieved because their minion was ravished of them by an ?ogre Europeus Pius. Bloody wars in [Dublin]{Ballyaughacleeaghbally}."
"O.D." Latin for 'right eye' (not yet overdose)


stage direction?
this seems to be some kind of symmetry point between two very asymmetrical timelines: 1132,566,0,566,1132; E,△,0,⊣⊢, /[

single male, single female, zero, doubled female, doubled male?

Penguin: not indented
FW1: parentheses not square brackets, no italics

566 A.D. At this time it fell out that a brazenlockt damsel grieved

566 x 2 = 1132

siglum: ⊥

"fell out"

FDV: "many" → "2" → "a"

brazen = bold
brazen-locked: having brass-coloured hair

brass padlock
locked up with brass lock/chains
German gelockt: lured; (of hair) curled (past tense of locken)

(Sobralasolas!) because that Puppette her minion

Spanish sobre las olas: over the waves
(why capitalised?)

sigla: ⊣⊢

puppet (imaginary friend?)
German Puppe: doll
Ppt ('Poor pretty thing', Swift's name for Stella in his Journal to Stella) [fweet-33]

French mignon: small and delicately pretty (pronounced 'minion')
Greek slang: mouni: female genitalia

was ravisht of her by the ogre Puropeus Pious.


"of her" (maybe: her virginity was taken?)

'pia e pura bella': Vico's phrase for the religious wars of his heroic age ('pious and pure wars')

Greek peos: penis

Bloody wars in Ballyaughacleeaghbally.

bloody (lost virginity)

AngloIrish phrase: bloody wars! (eg LeFanu)

Irish Baile Atha Cliath: Town of the Ford of the Hurdles (name of Dublin; pronounced 'blaaklee')


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