Friday, September 12, 2014

FW 1.47-49 --HCE took a dump--

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FDV: "Jute— Simply because he dumptied the wholebarrow of rubbages on to soil?
Mutt— Just a puddingstone at a riverpool.
Jute— Lord a marshy! With what for a noise like?"
"Jute— Sumply because, as Taciturn pretells, the our wrongstory shortener, he dumptied this wholebarrow of rubbages on to soil
Mutt— Just like a puddingstone inat the brookcells of a riverpool.
Jute— Loud Load a marshey! Wid wad for a noise like?"

JUTE: Sumply because, as Taciturn pretells, our wrongstoryshortener,

poached on... simply because

Tacitus briefly mentions Ireland (has a concise style)

wrong story (gets the story wrong)

phrase to make a long story short

he dumptied the wholeborrow of rubbages on to soil here?

dumped the wheelbarrow of rubbish
formation of midden heap

nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty

dialect rubbage: rubbish

MUTT: Just how a puddinstone inat the brookcells by a riverpool.

just like
FDV: "Just a puddingstone"

German wie: how; like

VI.B14.03: 'poudingue pudding stone'
SDGC 263: 'We need a more subtle working of the mind to separate and classify the elements of this pudding-stone' (glossed in a footnote: 'This is not an arbitrary frenchisation, but a word of geology')
pudding-stone: a conglomerate rock consisting of naturally-cemented pebbles (French poudingue)

French Bruxelles: Brussels
_G__Dial Bruck: bridge

Celbridge (Church of the Bridge), County Kildare, on Liffey river, west of Dublin

Liverpool (L/R)

JUTE: Load allmarshy! Wid wad for a norse like?


Lord Almighty!
Lord have mercy!

all marshy

AngloIrish accent: wid: with

Cornish: wad: forefather



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